Anxiety Among the Rich and Famous

Many sufferers of anxiety are ashamed of their condition and believe that they are among a small minority of people that suffer from anxiety. The truth is that anxiety is far more common than many believe and many well known people suffered from anxiety.

It often helps patients suffering from anxiety to realize that even the rich and famous can suffer from anxiety and they tend to feel less alone in their ordeal. Among those reported with a fear of flying are Elvis Presley, David Bowie, Dennis Bergkamp, Whitney Houston and even Superman (Dean Cain)!

Albert Einstein and Eleanor Roosevelt suffered from anxiety in social situations. And Charles Darwin became a hermit because of agoraphobia, a panic disorder with a fear of open spaces, crowds, traveling alone, leaving home, entering public places etc. that leaves the person feeling especially vulnerable and exposed.

Billionaire Howard Hughes had many problems including obsessive compulsive disorder. One of his strange habits was to insist on three copies of a magazine to be delivered to him.

He then removed the middle magazine with his hands covered in tissue paper.
The other two copies would be burnt by an assistant. His oddities extended to the preparation of his food, to the handling of objects, toileting.

David Beckham admitted to suffering anxiety in 2007, he openly discussed with The Independent how he rearranges hotel rooms and lines up cans of soft drink in his fridge to make everything perfect. He admitted to try and break out of this cycle of repetitive behavior so far unsuccessfully. And if you were to search the internet you will find hundreds of celebrities that report all kinds of severe problems with anxiety.

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