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“are not sexy, proud and strong”

brazilian beauties instagramYou are very big, not even remarkably slim or long-legged, bolsheglazyj, hochwangig. many depends on the pants at half-seven, many of the fat deposits from the shirt, many slippers in green military-for-one twisting through the streets. and since it is, in israel, the most beautiful women in the world lived. and it’s true – in spite of all of this. or just because of it.

On the streets of tel aviv and jerusalem and it is full of unreal beings, the more float than go gracefully and with dignity, is provocative or demure, flat or busty, short – or long-haired and one thing in common: their dazzling radiance. if beauty is part of the weapons arsenal of the women, then israel is clearly in front of the überrüstung. the has asked two people, the people make the beauty of your country money: yair shaham and sheila magar from model management, mc2 in tel aviv.

The israeli women are the most beautiful in the world?

brazilian beauties instagramYair: of course! (laughs)


brazilian beauties instagramYair: it is the mixture. israel is a young country, just 60 years old. since then, a lot of people here immigrated from eastern europe, from north africa, the balkans, america, germany. alone, one million russians since the beginning of the 90s. this results in a wonderful mix of: black-haired, with blue eyes, blonde with brown complexion, red-haired, with dark eyes – there is every imaginable variation.

<, h2>A kind of Best of the world?

Yair: well, in the united states. but the local girls have a very special charisma. is unique.

How would you describe you?

brazilian beauties instagramSheila: you are a cheerful, sexy, open, independent, self-confident, intelligent. this is kind of like a lot of people. to do this, you always act strong, which is certainly due to the fact that women need to make in israel, and two years of military service.

The fairest of them all has pressed, however, with a spontaneous wedding in front of the army, what matters here is good, and is still the pride of the country: bar refaeli, israel’s supermodel. she is engaged to 22, more or less, with leonardo dicaprio and earn up to 25,000 euros on the day. even the head of government, ehud olmert, is adorned with her to be able to international events to the people a different side of his country, than conflicts, wars and terror.

Bar refaeli is blonde. rather atypical for israeli women …

brazilian beauties instagramSheila: yes, that’s why she looks for my taste a little too american.

Yair: no, it is the mixture. i bet in a few years you will be among the five top models of the world. what makes them so successful, but it is her attitude: she knows what she wants, has not lost in the process, but their idealism, she plays no games, is smart and always thinking a few corners ahead of many others. that’s why you like the people. basically, it embodies the israeli girl par excellence.

Bar rafaeli is not the only one who conquered the holy land from the magazine covers and billboards the world: moran atias, 26, is a highly sought-after runway model in italy and now also an actress. mor katzir, 27, and 17-year-old esti ginzburg has been seen on the cover of “elle” to adi neumann, 25, advertises for calvin klein, and esti mamo, 25, is the first israeli-ethiopian, who thrilled the fashion industry. not to mention: natalie portman, a child of an israeli father and an american mother, born in jerusalem, the doll-faced queen amidala from star wars. while israeli women are pretty much the opposite of baby doll, the laugh with your eyes, strum if you want something and set up, if you do not understand something.

The country is in the midst of a country

brazilian beauties instagramChildren without self-esteem, pregnant girls, drug dealers. favelas are part of brazil. part of a country with a million population. part of a state that’s not really for a million. photographer kay fochtmann is shaken. he decides to move into the favelas and documenting with his images of the everyday life there. to make it visible for the middle and upper classes. to show how life under these circumstances is really. not everyone is lazy, a drug dealer, arm. that cohesion, respect, and help are there, of course.

<, h2>A state in which the majority is struggling for Survival

The photographer and visual connoisseurs is a native of leipzig. he lives and works there, where a job takes him. his pictures include the grey-and-gold buildings of the east, as well as exotic photographs from all over the world. from the portrait to the fleeting everyday moment. a country it has, however, particularly fond of: brazil is teasing him with the joy of life, music, versatility, and a society of contrasts. but he wants more – wants to move something, in a state where the majority of illegal settlements struggling to survive.

Six months spent fochtmann in brazil, three of them in rio’s largest favela. initially, the young photographer is unhappy with. “at that time i had read a lot of bad things about brazil and its favelas,” he says. fair only appears to him, however, an option: if you want to report about this place and its people, must have lived under the same circumstances – the good, the bad. add to this his urge for adventure, an extraordinary opportunity.

The world cup as the love market: the hunt for husbands, and the search of adventures

brazilian beauties instagramStereotypes are a deceptive and dangerous thing. however, particularly in relation to residents of foreign countries persist. in russia it is believed the italians were expressive and passionate, the germans are pedantic and stingy, the english are snobbish and prude. but also the russians have gone abroad for a specific reputation: while the men as a chronic vodka are drinkers decried, the russian women as a special beauty. in some a guide russian ladies are touted as a tourist attraction.

And give yourself plenty of effort to conform to this cliché. whether it’s storming outside and hail, temperatures around minus 20 degrees, or you can move in front of a loud slush, barely still, russian women do without as well as never on their high-heels, mini-skirts and dresses.

However, this preference does not bring you, of course, only the reputation of particular beauty, , but also the the “light prey.” and so traveling this summer so some of the football fans for the world cup to russia in the hope of not only the victory of their national team, but also on a love adventure with the russians, are supposed to have it so easy.

Bolt wants to triple the next gold and more

brazilian beauties instagramThat he can samba, proved to be usain bolt recently at a press event of its main sponsor. together with 14 brazilian beauties, the jamaican sprint star danced in front of the journalists about the stage. as light-footed as he was, the dance succeeded, so much so he wants to sprint in rio de janeiro to gold. according to his claim, to jump the sugar loaf as before, at the olympic games in beijing (2008) and london (2012) re-three olympic victories on the tartan track. it would be the third gold-triple that would be the exception-rounder to succeed. but that’s not enough: bolt’s goal is to improve his 200-meter world record of 19,19 seconds. “i always wanted to run under 19 seconds,” says the fastest man in the world.

However, it was seven years ago that the jamaican at the world championships in berlin, the world set a record in the 100 metres (9,58 seconds) and the 200 meters left. the sports year, 2016 of the delivery date according to plan, the 29-year-old not as an obstacle to the great goal. “it wasn’t a perfect season, but i’m now in a much better shape and faster,” says bolt, a muscle injury was for a long time.

In the previous remote comparison with his arch-rival justin gatlin, he is in the back of the meeting: the us-car presented 9,80 and 19.75 seconds over the two sprint distances, bolt is so far to be 9.88 and 19,89 seconds a little slower. it was, however, already before the world cup in 2015 – and there, the jamaicans took the title. “i’ve focused on a person,” says bolt to the big duel, which starts on saturday with the heats. the finale, according to german time at 15. august at 3.25 pm.

Bolt does not want to provide his last olympic games the fans, only the triple and the record. “i’m a sprinter, but also an entertainer,” he says. “i try to make all the difference – that’s why people love me.”

Nevertheless, he wants to let his career end and not the games in 2020 in tokyo, focusing on: “i think it will be the last time, even if a lot of people happy,” says bolt.

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