Celebrities Who Died in Car Crashes

Many celebrities have died in tragic car crashes their lives swiftly taken without any notice. Some of the most memorable are those who did not live full and happy lives their images forever young set in the minds of millions and with the question of what might have been had they lived on. The below celebrities each contributed differently to the world, but all left indelible marks which inspired and entertained people from all walks of life.

On July 11th 1956 American artist Jackson Pollock who was 44 died instantly when his car careered of the road at high speed into a tree. He was an abstract artist who struggled with alcoholism and was well known for his ‘drip’ painting technique and the use of alkyd enamels. He used to also number his paintings instead of naming them and in 2005 his number 5 painting sold for an incredible $140 million dollars, which is still one of the most expensive paintings ever sold.

Jayne Mansfield whose real name was actually Vera Jayne Palmer died in an accident on June 29th 1967 aged just 34. She was travelling to a talk show appearance with her three children when her car hit the back of a truck late at night. Fortunately all three children survived the accident. She was famous during the 50s for her blonde hair and hourglass figure she also won a Golden Globe for her performance in ‘New Star of The Year’.
Her life was also entwined with controversy as she allegedly had affairs with John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert F. Kennedy who were both later assassinated.

James Dean’s star quality and charisma have transcended time when he died he was one of the most adored stars in Hollywood starring in films such as ‘Rebel without a Cause’ and ‘Giant’. He died in his Porsche Spyder on the 30th of September 1955.

Tennessee sheriff Buford Pusser died in a car accident as a result of foul play when he was 36. His life was dramatized in several Hollywood films two of the most famous are called Walking Tall. He conducted a one man war against organised crime in Mcnairy County, Tennessee. During his career as sheriff he targeted the Stateline Mob and the Dixie Mafia. He became famous after his wife, Pauline, was killed in an ambush which was meant for him. He was such a celebrity in the 1970s that songs, books, films and a TV series were made inspired by his life.

Princess Diana died aged 36 on the 31st of August 1997. She was travelling with Dodi Fayed when her Mercedes chauffeur driven car collided into a pillar in the Ponte de l’Alma tunnel, Paris. Apparently her chauffeur Henri Paul was speeding through the tunnel at about 70 mph whilst trying to lose the paparazzi.
The fabiosa.com only survivor of the crash was Dodi Fayed’s bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones. Princess Di was adored by people worldwide for her contribution to charitable causes.

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