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Single for too long: the fucking single case

chinese dating sites freePartnership advisor professor manfred hatred brauck writes in his book, “the love consultants” about love, relationships, and even to find the right partner. in this article, he reveals what is the case of the so-called single really it is and why it will take some relationship-willing people for so long until you can finish your single life.

Relationship myths curls in the single case

Some of the singles are in fact, in the above-mentioned “single event”. these are often people with unrealistic relationship expectations. you mean, for example, only the love at first sight is real love, or you think someone has to just fit perfectly to you, and you just need to wait for the right, or the right, and then everything would go by itself.

With such a relationship of myths in their head it’s hard to start a relationship. you have experienced a couple of times, disappointments, negative expectations, which then lead to a vicious circle and you are already sitting in the single case.

Check your idea of love and relationships. have you discovered some of those myths with you? if yes, you will see them as what they are: relationship myths – and forget about them.

“the love advisor” of manfred hatred brauck is in the klett-cotta verlag and costs around 15 euro.

Singles and their concerns

chinese dating sites freeFriends are there for each other in every situation. as singles, you confirm that you are pretty and desirable, and that the stupid guys don’t have earned out of you. on some evenings, but women of the moment, even for the most beautiful, most confident and most satisfied single, to be self-critical. for my girls and me last wednesday it was so far: we asked ourselves why we are actually still single.

Incorrect expectations are often the reason that some women have no partner find

Finally, we are all quite handsome, clever and not get bored with us. so where is the problem? so we would push the entire blame to our single existence, the men in the shoes, we must be honest to ourselves and admit that we too contribute something to this state.

With the strong support of our already existing friends, we came to the following result, of our “that’s why we’re still single”-list:

We are totally old-fashioned and do not expect that the man he refers to the whole dating work

If us, it will never come to a conversation. he doesn’t ask us for the phone number, there is not a date, and he makes no proposal for a date, it is not easy. super, is it? so we keep an unapproachable ice princesses our pride and our single status.

We want it all right now

Intelligence, humor, good looks, and income – with less than the total package we are not satisfied. this rare event occurs and we meet a dream man-candidates, however, we are impatient and insatiable: instead of the dates, relax and enjoy it and wait and see how things are between us and mr. possibly be-right, listen, we already after the first kiss, the wedding bells are ringing. we begin to make demands of this man and this at the latest after the first sex out loud. finally, we want to make clear that we are women for life and not just for a night. but it is precisely so that we can make our contribution to the relationship disaster. because with this behavior we make sensitive men fear, put pressure on them and beat them in the escape, before you have even started to think of where the journey with us could go. and take ourselves a chance to just be in the moment and enjoy it with every fiber.

We cannot accept that female and male romance are two pair of shoes

We expect red roses, candles and horse-drawn carriage rides – pretty boring actually. he repaired the washing machine and dragged through the water boxes in our attic apartment. for him the token of his affection, which we accept, although thankfully, because they make our lives more convenient, but as a romance, and we leave the do not apply. especially in the early dating phase there is the difficulty men to explore their own feelings and then also bring to expression. until you are ready to sunsets with us to look at, we have stamped them often as a senseless robot – what a mistake.

We have it in our single

In the job life too comfortable we work overtime, streaking after the late party night at yoga or pilates, and at the weekend we are out for a night out. instead, we make ourselves comfortable on the couch or cooking with friends and watch our favorite tv shows. there’s no time for dating remains simple and busy, we feel ourselves to be. the only men that really thrilled to welcome dr. shepherd, chuck bass and damon salvatore.

Data to the wrong men, and give no chance

Unfortunately, we often confuse lust with love. we see a sexy guys, according to our libido. good looks and casanova-posturing, call our sexual cravings on the plan, but instead of just great sex, we believe that we are in love and hope to the womanizer, to soften. in any wife, he must fall in love, after all, or not? it comes actually to the point, no longer are we surprised then that the man wants a bedtime story, feel bad, and rant on this “son of a bitch”. to push our ego, we go and land with the next – outrageously good-looking – women heroes in the box. you know how the story continues. this vicious circle could be “healthy” dating break – up just to get to without landing in bed.

But we have a meeting once a clever man, occurs either point 2 or 3, or we are in a panic. once we get afraid of his proximity, it all goes too fast, we don’t have a place in our lives and its close to crushing us.

Instead of letting him spend the night, we put him at night in front of the door. and if he would give us after a few months, his apartment key, or his family wants to introduce, we are dense. hey presto, we go back to our “family” – our friends and we howl, that the man is a softie, and ask ourselves why we are unable to get a reasonable guy. the answer that we know now.

Relationship in spite of ambitions, demands and fears?

After this debriefing, i pretended to see things much clearer now and to give me more effort in dating and the men more time. then i went home, put me on the couch and began to watch the first season of “grey’s anatomy”. oh, it’s gorgeous! so my celebration evening program for the next few days. the twisted meredith finally get your mcdreamy – in spite of all of your career ambitions, claims, and binding fears. perfectly clear to me is that i’m still single. or?

Tenderness: caresses

chinese dating sites freeSuck gently at the sensitive spot on his throat, just under his adam’s apple. there is one of the most important energy points of the body according to traditional chinese medicine. by your light and suck the thyroid gland is stimulated, which is associated with the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. both regions of the brain require certain hormones to be released, the testosterone level in the height of shoot. and what testosterone may, i hardly need to explain again.

Pubic hair: steam cleaning & labia-op

chinese dating sites freePubic hair, apparently a word from the museum. you’ve heard of but never seen. a factotum of a bygone time. and yes, it sounds a bit disgusting. but the fact is, it hasn’t been that long since women wore even pubic hair. just like that. in the ’80s, in the form of a bush, in the’ 90s as a trimmed triangle. the turning point came in the zero years, as carrie bradshaw in “sex and the city” had its first complete waxing. and what made carrie, suddenly wanted all of them. today, the procedure is clean: of course, the teeth.

And just like manolo blahnik sales increased, so did our pubic hair loss in economic growth. waxing studios are booming today, “bikini complete”, with 43 percent still the most popular treatment, so patricia hannappel of the waxing chain senzera. “in the meantime, however, more and more a strip or a small triangle want to leave, to not-so-little-girl-moderately to look.” less painful, just baring the shave, prefer about half of the women. about 80 percent of the women perceive themselves as attractive or very attractive, just like men: more than 80 per cent of under 30-year-old does not expect women to shave only armpits and legs – according to a study by the tns emnid on behalf of the shaver manufacturer (!) gillette has made. feminist on flickering table-intentioned hipster excesses, such as armpit hair (to see recently, even in the case of “gntm”) or full bush (even when the mannequins in the window of american apparel) seemingly only briefly. because no matter whether gewaxt or shaved – almost – or completely-nude-trend is not considered to be maintained, the bush.

But with side-effects: suddenly it becomes visible, what was hidden or else behind a bush. what you don’t see, you don’t have to make more thoughts. what is naked, gets attention. and so women are thinking today about how you look down there. and what you said otherwise, only men, seems to be with us has arrived: we compare. no, we don’t look at other women now in the sauna intentionally in the step, but we discover still more than before. and in the porn, not because vaginas are all somehow incredibly much prettier than your own? maybe you think now: what would be so bad to pick up the female intimate area from the taboo zone, and to give him the awareness given he deserves? very cool and stylish this is the new discovery of female sexuality without a happy-hippie-yoni-fuss. however, this opening of pandora’s box brought a lot of unimaginable consequences. not only positive, such as the almost complete eradication of the crab louse.

Bye-bye, pubic hair – hello, designer-lips?

chinese dating sites freeThere, where women do not perceive suddenly, that any look of your face, and different, opens up a new field for optimization freaks: genital surgery in germany is in demand as never before. 2015 about 2100 procedures were performed, compared to the previous year, an increase of 17 per cent (source: vdäpc), and the trend is rising. the most in demand 20 – to 30-year-old: the correction in the area of the labia minora. younger women in particular have here, apparently, is a claim to the aesthetics, you really have to scrutinize. although in recent years a greater awareness for the look or the appearance of the outer genital area, is it possible to estimate the for many seems to be difficult, which is normal. but what is normal? is there anyone that has defined the changes such as blood pressure values? no. so, ladies, here is a once and for all: normal, a lot is, there is no norm. there are a lot of variations that are not considered pathological. and maybe aesthetically perceived as disturbing can be. and there are cases which constitute a medical indication are one or both of the inner labia in relation to the comment on labia is very long and protrude, it can pain caused by continuous rubbing during sports or due to einstülpen during sex and wounds. in cases where it is not so, must be the question: why do we women now our most intimate performance battle field?

Men-at least according to the doctors, are not for the aesthetically justified ops the driving force (as it sometimes is with breast enlargements). or have you ever experienced that a man, frightened at the view between your legs? just. it is the women themselves who feel, again, inadequate, and emotionally as well as physically suffer from it are. the more important it is in detailed discussions with a doctor who takes time and is not equal to losschnippelt, find out whether you could improve the condition by surgery, or whether or not but rather a lack of self-esteem or defective self-put perception behind it. highly sensitive issue – after all, not everyone has mental suffering is automatically a body perception disorder. the big challenge is to figure out – even for a doctor. after all, it is here, even if the outpatient one – to two-hour procedure, and usually under local anaesthesia, is made to be a real surgery with all the risks such as wound healing problems, swelling, and bruising. after at least six weeks are banned in sports and sex, and also if the scar is externally locked, it can take several months, up to and including everything is all healed, and also possible sensory disturbances in the seam area are gone. conclusion: you should play the discussion is not down. who carries himself with the thought, should, with his own motives and in detail inform. and very important: never something about the problem, because it interferes with optical. because should change the supposed ideal image of time: what is gone is gone – again anstückeln not. however, this radical cut is only the top of the in stuff vagina-optimization urge.

“marry me in travel”: the couple traveled to 33 countries

chinese dating sites freeFor many women, the wedding dress is probably the most valuable piece of clothing that you are purchase ever. kind of a shame to wear it only in one day. and “only” two weeks for a honeymoon? this is also a bit short – the thought, at least, probably zoe and nick aust. that’s why the couple from new jersey, usa, shortly after the wedding his things packed, including the bridal dress, of course, and a wedding, launched a trip of superlatives.

Zoe and nick aust: honeymoon xxl

chinese dating sites freeWhen zoe and nick firmly aust according to “daily mail” on the first date, the couple shares a great passion for travel. and so the two had to consider after the wedding in december 2017, too long, and no simple honeymoon is out of the question. both worked for two years extra hard to accumulate. then it was sold in the time around the wedding ceremony of nick’s company for the two another reason to say: “let’s do this now.” also zoe threw her job, both pooled their savings and ventured on a ten-month, romantic trip, which they documented on your instagram profile “marry me in travel”.

Overall, they explored for 33 countries – including france, spain, turkey, china, india, and australia. “life goes by so quickly on us,” said zoe aust your wanderlust. we knew, for us it’s now or never. and to this day is the time of our departure one of our best decisions.” and the roughly 35,000 fans of “marry me in travel” on instagram to prove: the high-quality photos also inspire many other people.

#weareallangels: plus-size model calls for “victoria’s secret”-boycott

chinese dating sites freeThe catwalk event of the year is when the “angels” of victoria’s secret in sexy underwear run on the runway, watching the whole world. and also the us-based company strives year on year to attract the most beautiful women in the world for the presentation. with beauties like behati prinsloo from namibia, adriana lima from brazil, grace bol from sudan, elsa hosk, from sweden, and estelle chen from china, many different ethnicities and skin colors are represented. and also winnie harlow, who suffers from the so-called “white spot disease” (vitiligo), it is allowed to run this year for the first time. in terms of body shape victoria’s secret, then, seems to be a little flexible – plus-size-models in the runway show so far, not a chance.

The australian curvy model robyn lawley calls, therefore, under the hashtag #weareallangels for a boycott of this year’s show. victoria’s secret will in the future show even more diversity when it comes to the body shape and size of the tenor. lawley has set new standards in the fashion industry: in 2015, she was the first plus-size model who made it in the “swimsuit”issue of the magazine “sports illustrated”.

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