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Who we support – archive | heinrich-böll-foundation

hispanic women looking for white menA festival in honor of nelson mandela, the at the 5. december died two years ago, organized by the initiative of ubuntu, a merger of musicians and organizers from different parts of the world. the kick-off event on 28. february 2014 in the comb and the event on 5. december 2014, yaam were a great success, now it’s time to go further. the festival is in the spirit of mandela for peace and for the together of the nations: different music will be heard in the styles with the focus on world music.

All of the musicians have agreed to play for a very low fee and the travel costs. the friends of the heinrich-böll-foundation to support the festival with half of the gage for the musician from south africa.

Excess income will go usually to the nelson mandela foundation in johannesburg in this year due to current events, in addition to the aid to refugees in berlin.

Bands of this year:

Satori (jazz/south africa)located 5 (salsa/cuba)la banda del sur – luca artioli (latin/brasil/italo), louis-jean and the irie rainbow (reggae/senegal), bernard mayo (ballads/traditional african/congo), moussa coulibali (percussion/burkina faso)djielefily sakho (kora/mali)

Presale:: 18 euros tickets are available for sale now


“werner, ger and angelus” – a documentary about love in the age of same-sex couples

hispanic women looking for white menThe documentary film with the working title of “werner, ger and angelus” is a film about love in the age of same-sex couples and the gay couple, werner and ger and their common friend angelus, who is also gay. werner and ger are over seventy years old and for the past 46 years. angelus is about ninety. in spite of your age, the protagonists of the film are energy loaded, in the midst of life and are tired of the world, to discover the life.

As of the everyday life in old age, like a relationship, when one is over seventy, or ninety years old, what is your idea of sexuality and love, what is your idea of the family as they deal with the topic of death, what are their fears, hopes and aspirations are? the movie carefully approaches these issues.

Eng: “the hetero-sexual have must be role models of how a relationship can, and will be subject to a more rigid pattern. we gays do not have these role models, because a gay relationship was to us lives on. this means that we must and can reinvent ourselves. this gives us the freedom to be creative and to try, as we find the relationship and life forms.“

Angelus: “if i open my address book, are very deleted many names. most of my old friends are dead. my partner and i have already picked out our burial place. everything is paid for and regulated. we know where we are. we need to live.“

Directed and produced by ok-hee jeong | camera: jan smallscheduled length: 80 minutes | completion: july 2016

Forgotten fronts of the conflict over nagorno-karabakh. a blog project

hispanic women looking for white menIn october 2014, six students from the masters in eastern european studies, to deal with the conflict over the nagorno-karabakh region. almost nothing in the german public about the de-facto republic. the objective of this project was therefore to give the readers on your own website insights: why is the conflict still? and how the people are living on both sides of the armistice line to this?

After months of preparation, the group continued in march and april 2015, according to georgia, azerbaijan, armenia and the de facto republic of nagorno-karabakh. locally, they conducted interviews with politicians, scientists, refugees, politicians, young people, peace activists and taxi drivers.

All the resulting article can be found at www.vergessene-fronten.eu. thus, the texts are read in english and russian, the friends of the heinrich-böll-foundation, the cost of the translations.

Art and garden – welcome to culture in the refugee camp gatow

hispanic women looking for white menThe refugee camp gatow is located between potsdam and spandau, and since 2013 refugees from iran, romania, syria, bosnia, and iraq. meanwhile, about 180 people, including families and single women living there. the children attend the nearby schools, the adults have but little opportunity of the activity.

The project art and garden was founded at the end of 2014 to provide the residents opportunities to work, but to change as a result of creative and craft work to your everyday life and to be able to engage.

In addition, to promote the communication between the inside and the outside. in addition to the growing garden, and a workshop that is equipped, will be created in the current year is also an animal enclosure.

This will incur a further exchange, craft and artistic activities can be mutually communicated. this means that the home everyday to further change and new contexts for the learning of language. often school friends of the refugee children come and help in the formation and maintenance of the garden.

The project will be conveyed to the local cultural landscape and at the same time a social space is created in which each individual and responsibility, can engage in and thereby, hopefully, find a way to cope with the personal situation and location. furthermore, the residents are involved in the connected café culture, the processed fruits of the garden.

The friends of the heinrich-böll-foundation in support of the refugees and the work of the project with materials for garden and workshop.

The landing of the kurds on the moon. a 3d documentary with fictional elements.

hispanic women looking for white menIs the 3d documentary film “the landing of the kurds on the moon” was filmed in the summer of 2013.  the film tells the story of four young kurdish men who fled the war in syria and now in the small village of stone mountain on their residence permit, wait. stone mountain is located in the german eifel, and has 200 inhabitants. there, the young men waited for months and months. by coincidence, the film’s director, julian arch field has made the men. together, the idea developed in the old silent film was to stage “the journey to the moon” again. the documentary told with the help of this new production, the absurd situation of young men. in the centre of the film is the question of their own future is: what will happen to us? who will understand us? when are we going to leave this village, and where will we go?

The friends support the film in the phase of completion. the film will be shown at the beginning of next year, the heinrich böll foundation.

With: rodi habash | shukri nabo | yaser nafso | falah alkhderregie: julian arch field | production: johannes buses |camera julia swoboda

Length: 54 minutes | format: hd, 3d | completion: august, 2015

Fragments. children and war. a workshop project in berlin-kazan

hispanic women looking for white menIn may 2015, marks the anniversary of the end of world war ii to 70. time. for the former victory, nbsp power; russia is an important anniversary, and it is to be regarded as a small sensation, if the state of the kazan youth theatre (or the ministry of culture of the autonomous republic of tatarstan), 5 young german actors and a german dramaturge invites you, together with russian-tatar to work colleagues about the issue of children and war artists and to present the staging and then to the public.

It will be the premiere of a german-russian and russian-tatar dialogue in a spirit of peaceful coexistence our fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers fought in the war against each other. we, the post-war children and war, grandson of christian, muslim or jewish roots, overcoming of prejudices, national stereotypes and religious conflicts and forgotten or secretive private children’s fancy show-sale in the war to give children a voice. no matter from which side – children are killed in every war, the victims of brute force, you traumatized be. children are emotionally vulnerable and exposed.

Burdened in particular by the two world, the german-russian relationship is wars. the open, cautious dealing with the wounds of the past is an important prerequisite for the understanding of today’s processes and design of respectful dialogues and lively international understanding. the friends support the development of the play.

Performance “ents” to the “we are fed up” demonstration at 17.01.2015 in berlin.

hispanic women looking for white men“tree’s delegation in berlin” is turning the documentation of a performance by four stilts artists on the currently most important demonstration to agricultural. already for the fifth time, a broad alliance of actors in the field of sustainable agriculture at the start of the green week in berlin called for a large demonstration. 2015 50,000 people – twice as many as ever came. the key requirements are: stop ttip, genetic engineering, and abolish factory farming.

As in many other areas this is a battle between david and goliath, or, to quote a more modern myth, between frodo and sauron. in j. r. r. tolkien’s very own mythology, there are the ents – immortal tree-like beings, since time immemorial, the guardians and keepers of the forests. you will never bother about such unimportant things such as the politics of elves and men. but the unassuming hobbits merry and pippin, it is possible to draw the attention of the ents at the destruction around the orc fortress of isengard. pain and anger to unleash the great power of the guardians of the forest, and they come from all sides to the evil haunting to an end.

The project “ents” is about encouragement and reassurance in difficult fights. the story is told and the great ents in the middle of the crowd in berlin’s government district to show up. you have made all the way from middle-earth to berlin to support the movement. they tell of the abundance of the species that are affected by our economic ways, and to say that landscape is more than scenery for the production areas. they demand that agriculture should be more than mere production of animals and plants. you should be a home and habitat for many forms. you can be as deep space of experience (not only) the human experience so much more than a two-dimensional field.the ents were there. and you will come back again.

The friends of the heinrich böll foundation supported the upcycling workshop for the production of the costumes, as well as the transport to berlin. here is a video of the event.

Le prince

hispanic women looking for white menIn any love story is at the beginning of the question: can we leave the lovers together, or not? together, they fight against internal and external circumstances, overcome obstacles, and false feelings, until you are happy but exhausted in the arms.  in the movie “le prince” is the romantic notion that love overcomes all boundaries, out of the question. instead, other thoughts arise: is love a luxury? and what we were talking about when we talk about love?

“le prince” tells the story between a german scholar of the frankfurt art scene, and a man from congo kinshasa with many backgrounds. the film focuses on the question of how and where the political situation and post-colonial structures reflect in private. misunderstandings, fear of deportation, the threat of police checks, the fight against the authorities and, not least, a mutual distrust loads on the relationship. in the uneven constellation of confrontations are inevitable, go far deeper than the usual emotional imbalances in a relationship.

Since the first research, to production, the project is developed in close cooperation with people from the african scene. on the basis of a specific story that has played out in the next environment of the two filmmakers, tell hannes hero and lisa bierwirth, a personal story between two self-sufficient characters who dare beyond the usual clichés for a different look at social structures.

The friends have supported the project already in the early days (the former working title: “bandits”), and fund a further research phase.

Gaul is everywhere: the tigris rebels. a documentary film by nedim hazar

hispanic women looking for white men“the tigris rebels” are the peasants in a kurdish village on the river tigris in turkey. such as the famous “last gallic village”, made the inhabitants of schkefta – with the official turkish name of suçeken, 30 km south of the provincial town of batman for decades, resistance against the cruel oppression of the large land-owner and of the turkish military. the a wanted to acquire the lands of the farmers, the other wanted to do in their war against the pkk guerrillas paid mercenaries out of them. the schkeftaner, however, they wanted a dignified life – “free as a tree and brotherly as a forest”. a lot of blood has flowed since 1978, when the first conflict with the large landowners started. and it seemed to have made it to the peasants at last, to put by.

Now, however, the village is in the lake of the ilisu dam is supposed to go under the floods to the well-known antique relics from the neighbouring village of hasankeyf on the tigris, and therefore, since years, worldwide protests caused.

Until recently, it would not have been possible to rotate at all in this village. because schkefta is located directly next to a turkish military base. but now the german-turkish film-maker nedim hazar turns the history of this “indomitable” village. the friends of the heinrich-böll-foundation to finance part of the last rotating stage of this documentary project.

Unique book with a focus on aghet 1915-2015

hispanic women looking for white menIn april 2015 marks the 100th. time of the beginning of the genocide of the armenians in the ottoman empire, of the affected aghet, “the great disaster” called. the events, the strain, until today, the relations between armenia and turkey, was devoted to the intercultural magazine, “unique”.

In addition to questions of the reception of the book, especially the society is devoted to political review of the events, as it is for the relations between armenia and turkey, but also in relation to germany until today is significant. behind a contribution asks the former role of german companies in the implementation of the deportations of the armenians. in addition to such obvious economic and military-political connections to the german reich, many other germans were at that time in the ottoman empire, the eye-witnesses of the events, these have been documented, including the later writer armin t. wegner. his photographs from that time until today one of the most important documentation of the expulsion and murder of the armenian people and as an annotated photo-processed essay in the folder.

With the chosen topic the editors of the magazine “unique is positioned” against forgetting, concealment and taboo. the young journalists want to so before the 100. anniversary encourage the readership to engage with the controversial and until today the important topic of the genocide of the armenians/interior.

The “unique” is a young magazine, which deals with inter – and subcultural topics. it is created voluntarily by students and young academics and contributes to the dialogue between different social groups. the intercultural magazine is published four times a year, free of charge, at the universities in jena, weimar and erfurt. the editorial staff was honored in 2012 for their work in the nationwide competition “active for democracy and tolerance” of the alliance for democracy and tolerance.

The pdf output, as well as the contributions can also be found on the website: www.unique-online.de.


hispanic women looking for white menTemporarily-tour is a moving exhibition project, which is moved by the artists ‘ group speidel/vidal (johanna speidel/ chus lópez vidal) through the streets of berlin. of a mobile pyramid sculpture made out of a tent on wheels you art documentary, the lit search, the migration under the aspect of happiness is projected on the facades or walls of berlin. thanks to the friends of the heinrich böll foundation, this innovative and for a wide audience-accessible nature of the demonstration in the public area.the film leaves both the immigrant citizens as well as locals even tell what she’s doing on your life’s journey, privately, socially and politically happy. the mythical world (experienced time) is gestellt gegenüber the history of the world (the linear measurement of time) .

The fear with embossed view of the immigration question. art is meant to mediate between the locals and the immigrant population in a playful way to break down prejudices and to make the pursuit of happiness that connects us all, in the foreground.

Active cinema – i am. error. (at)

hispanic women looking for white menThe “active cinema” shows, interactive movies, which are produced in a sustainable way. it allows the public, themed environments, not just passively empathize, but to experience active. with the connection of fictional film with the interactivity of computer games, the film-maker not decide about the course of the plot of a film, but the audience itself. the first project of the “active cinema” is the interactive drama “i am. error. (working title)”, which makes the acoustic world of a hard-of-hearing experience.

In everyday life we encounter in relation to the issue of hearing loss with the concept of “accessibility” to the creation of better social conditions. however, this leads not necessarily to an integration of hard-of-hearing people in our society. because integration is part of, to move by at least two social groups with each other and this resulted in a new society. in principle difficult to contribute almost of hearing, by integrating into the hearing society. listening can, however, integrate difficult in the hard of hearing society, because they often miss the possibility to experience the world of the hard of hearing emotionally and acoustically.

The film “i am. error. (at)” to help the hearing, the company hearing can integrate by deafness consciously experienced, in order to create a spiritual accessibility for hearing in terms of not listening.

For more information on the facebook page of the “active cinema”, and in your pitch video.


Through their eyes – a project by lola arias, with children of bulgarian origin

hispanic women looking for white menThe argentine writer and director lola arias and the stage designer and artist dominic huber have been working for many years at the interface of reality and theatre. her performative research deal with the question of how the reality, their pain, their joy, their can be excessive contradictions, and their rawness aesthetic. with social reality, lola arias addressed already in the last season: the art of making money – die bremer road, opera house, lola arias brought the stories of the bremer homeless, ex-prostitute and street musicians on the stage.

In cooperation with the theatre school of the theatre in bremen – the young actors – who have plenty of experience working with children and young people on the stage, will now take place a project with children from 7 to 14 years of bulgarian origin, supported by the friends of the heinrich-böll-foundation. the project through their eyes approaching in your new project on a multi-month search and trial phase, the views and lives of children who live as migrants in the second or third generation in bremen: through their eyes germany!

Memorial plaque for a 17-year-old – on behalf of all the murdered deserters to the end of the war

hispanic women looking for white menA particular unknown 17-year-old was hanged by the ss because he wanted to survive in a basement, the battle of berlin. the way he died but hundreds refused for various reasons to the war. a war can not take place if no one is willing to let him lead. therefore, the people must be compelled, like the die over 20,000 completed death sentences in the time of the third reich against deserters show, according to the motto: “a soldier may die, a deserter must.”

You should point this out to the memorial plaque. you will carry this text: “was hanged in the last days of april 1945 / a 17-year-old of the nation, so to communicate. // to the memory of him and all the other / the denied the participation in the war, / and, therefore, were murdered.”

The solemn unveiling of the commemorative plaque will take place on friday, the 24. april 16 p.m. at the intersection of berlin and uhlandstrasse in berlin-wilmersdorf instead.additional information, documents, reports of deserters, etc. can be found here: (in particular: “uhlandstraße 1945”, “uhlandstraße 1945 (3)” and “my 8. may …”).

Networking of afghan women’s groups

hispanic women looking for white menWith the help of friends, has established the initiative afghan hilfswerk e. v. (iah) in 2011, a women’s circle, the “the” talk café “on the edge of the city of kabul”. the work there is progressing very well, especially the young women have developed culturally and politically. they have higher demands on their social environment and are particularly interested in women’s political work. for many, the frame of the erzählcafés for its further development is now too tight – you need a wider contact field with other women and women’s organisations, to social and current issues, and with other women-sharing deal.

The friends are now supporting in a further step, the initiative afghan agency in the setup and establishment of a network between existing women’s group from the “talk café”, and other women’s groups or other interested women in the city of kabul, which are not organized up to now. the goal is to carry the idea of strengthening the self-consciousness and of the qualification of the women and also other women in this development process.

International hip-hop festival in uganda

hispanic women looking for white menHip-hop is the global youth culture of the past few years is hip-hop young people for the world of the. this is the motto of the “international hip hop culture festival in kampala”, from the 18.-31. october 2014 was held in uganda. a group of berlin hiphoppern djs, rappers, beat boxers from the international hip-hop movement “end of the weak” part, supported by the friends of the heinrich-böll-stiftung, in this international meeting. according to the motto “each one teach one” can young people learn in joint workshops, empowerment, meeting with ugandan artists opportunities for exchange, concerts on the big stage of international festivals, the opportunity to artistically express themselves: because hip-hop those language is just a pipe that would otherwise be heard less and less, here and around the world. in addition, all of the artists to take together a cd, which remains so even when the festival will be running – as well as the values of cultural and linguistic diversity, which we filled in this project, is active with life.

The bapob e. v (berlin working group for civic education) organized for many years, international youth exchange and has been an international hip-hop festival in berlin. in october, the project with international partners, will now take place for the first time on the african continent, in kampala / uganda. for more information and a video documentation on the project, there are www.bapob.org

Documentary film “the penultimate of freedom” – a portrait of the historian otto dov kulka

hispanic women looking for white menAs a renowned professor at the hebrew university in jerusalem, otto dov kulka is the author of key research on the shoah and occupied for the first time, the co-responsibility of the german society for the crimes of the 30s and 40s. its until recently, with anyone shared diaries of witnesses, however, of his personal fight to be able to as a child in auschwitz-birkenau and experienced life. as a prisoner of the so-called family camp, the inventory for the cushion of foreign countries for almost a year, wich, he came by committed prisoners to humanistic education. literature, philosophy and music, he remained a life-long important support. in his diaries, he interweaves his own confrontation with myths from the judeo-european history and tried with metaphors, legends and stories of franz kafka, or with poetry, philosophy and music be remember to suggest to auschwitz: “the writing in the diaries means of refuge from the life here. means freedom. and i’ll call you the second-to-last freedom. the last freedom is the suicide.“

The parts of the essayistic film by stefan also portrays both the work of historians as well as the reminder to the worlds of his diaries and accompanied otto dov kulka in his presence, which is determined by the question of what will remain of his life-long search beyond his death.

Documentary “why laughing mr w.?”

hispanic women looking for white men“why, mr. w. laughs?” designs in a collage of documentary elements, from impressive subjective image and tonebenen, the image of three artists with intellectual disabilities. mr g., mr k. and mr w. from all international and not achieved in the case of collectors, high prices, and is self-interested in the art market, but their work as a living freedom of science to understand. the portrait film shows the reality of how the classic documentary as a given, but shifts the parameter in a playful way, so that the viewer stands in the middle of the personal experience of the world of the artist, which are all three avid videographers and their subjects related to animals, people and landscapes for the film itself will take.the boundaries between normality and deviance to be resolved by the film will not be affected, but with a lot of wit and light of the extraordinary life, art and humanity of its protagonists represents.

A documentary film project in preparation of jana papenbroock. the friends of the heinrich-böll-foundation to finance a portion of the barrier-free film version.

Art in action to the nursing crisis: the last dreamer

hispanic women looking for white menThe idea: the young and the old can common way eye-to-eye encounter and a dignified life. in his film “the last piece of peace” would like to jan schekauski this from an unusual and imaginative perspective. it is the staging of a dream and a symbol for the dignity. people. an old legend, according to choose god, while the traditional japanese taiko drums are played, a old people, thanks to which he can look deep into the human soul can and learn. for a moment, the invisible becomes visible.

For jan schekauskis film a stunt pilot painted a twelve kilometers long image in the sky. the friends contribute to the costs for the single and the last so-called sky scribe in nuremberg, germany. he was the subject on 18. july 2014 in the sky painting, the video of the action you see here.

Changing realities – images of a world in transition

hispanic women looking for white menThe exhibition in the framework of the 6. european month of fotografie21. october to 3. november 2014u-bahn station, berlin alexander platz, europe has shown itself in the last few years, mainly as a europe in crisis. however, it is interesting to tell the many other stories: those of the small utopias and grand visions that are implemented in everyday life. alternative housing concepts, the careful use of natural resources, human migration policies, a globally equitable distribution of wealth and protest movements of the civil society – all ideas, initiatives and models that have been developed, worthy are the subject of the exhibition. cross-border photographer move photographers looking for traces of this other europe.from an open call for entries, a jury selects the 20 items with the convincing pictures on the theme, which are then presented under the title of changing realities – images of a changing world on the u-bahn station alexanderplatz. the outdoor advertising altars of the consumer society, areas, normally, you create a surprising “art”room. in this way, you are at the same time, part of an exhibition and intervention in the public space.changing realities is a project of the

Society for humanistic photography (gfhf)

U-bhf alexanderplatz, platform u8

My own private germany: augsburg

hispanic women looking for white menMuch of what is foreign, it remains also. we live next to each other, but points of contact are few. i wonder: who are the people that live today in germany?

My own private germany is a participatory long-term performance that has made the goal of today’s society in germany to portray. i’m moving to places in the country, which are of interest to me because of their local characteristics and their change in recent times and i believe that certain characteristics of our society are re-negotiated. since april i live know in augsburg and get to a town, in the more than 40 percent of the population have a migration background and find the riser, the mood weaves straight everywhere in the country. the augsburg are for your model, together known life with the migrant population. but how are these examples of inclusion work? what are the challenges of everyday life in such a heterogeneous society provides to us, i don’t experience currently in the grand hotel cosmopolis, and, unfortunately, that we are the same, e.g. with regard to language and the right of asylum. but we should use consciously and decided that we approach more and more. a series of selected experiences will be performances that address your questions to you is: what do we share in this company?

Presentation of the performances between the 19. – 29. july 2014 in the framework of the augsburg peace festival. details of the performances can be found here (pdf)

Photo: the grand beauty salon.

The ag “wild east” in wrocław/breslau from 30.04 to meet. to 04.05.2014

hispanic women looking for white menDue to the kind support of the friends of the heinrich-böll-stiftung, the participants of the working group “wild east” of the study work had the opportunity to consider central and eastern europe, only scientific and from a distance, but were able to learn during their meeting in the city of wrocław/breslau, a small piece of poland and get to know.”protest in east-central europe” was the theme for the second year of the ag, since 2013 focuses on social issues in central, eastern and south-eastern europe. for employment with protest and resistance culture, a meeting in poland, offered as a result of the rich protest and resistance tradition of almost. overall, the stipendat a variety of designed rich in the contents of the program with different representation and forms of work. many of the participants contributed presentations dealing with poland, but it is also a protest phenomena in other central and eastern european countries were presented, such as, for example, in the baltics, in romania and hungary.were discussed about the warsaw ghetto uprising of 1943, the oppositional trade union movement solidarność, as well as underground literature and musical protest to the times of the polish people’s republic.on one of the two fellows organized city tour of wrocław, the group explored the complex history of the city and sat in a visit to the local city museum with the representation liable of historical events and, in particular, the museumization of protest. wroclaw regional history, the small, anywhere in the city to-find dwarf statues palpable, reminiscent of the “orange alternative”, a creative local protest movement of the 1980s.

Photo: © nastasja ilgenstein

“no pasaran …you’re not a beast, you stay human. that’s about it.”

hispanic women looking for white men“what fight ?” this question is the 96-year-old austrian gerhard hoffmann very thoughtful: “so, in a few words not to say.”

“no pasaran” makes on the search for answers – on a trip across europe to the last time-stuff inside, the in the spanish civil war and in 2. world war against fascism fought.

“no pasaran“ will be published at the end of june 2014. thepremiere the film is – against the background of the 75. of the year days of the end of the spanish civil war and the beginning of the 2. world war in berlin: 5. july 2014 to 19.30, in the kino central, rosenthaler str. 39.

English-greek culture of work, a look behind the mask

hispanic women looking for white menIf, as is currently the case in greece, institutional way, more and more loss, is a grass-roots work, can work in the regional area on cohesion. the project of a mask, this game will bring people from different disciplines together to achieve something together. masks, directed by and costumes come from hamburg, amateur actor and stage design from the cycladic island of tinos, a place of pilgrimage and a centre for sculpture since the 19th century. century.

After training (2014), improvisation, and sample work (2015) want to participate in the july/august 2016, with production at the annual tinos festival. then a small orchestra made up of german and greek musicians, will accompany the actors and cheer. greeks and germans are cooperating during these three years, at various levels closely. the mask will support this process by their properties, because it is an archaic, universal tool, without language barriers, in whose protection space interaction comes in. thus, it can contribute to the game, prejudices and blockades, the ghosts since the crisis around, to dissolve, and the common cultural basis of life.

The support of the ag’s “wild east”

hispanic women looking for white menThe ag’s wild east in the year 2014 with the theme “revolution. movement. resistance. protest in east-central, southeastern and eastern europe. causes, forms and consequences”. our second ag meeting 2014 will take place from 1.-4. may 2014 in wrocław/poland to be held and the theme mitost central europe, especially with poland, are concerned. we will contact on the one hand, apart, could, in theory, protest causes, forms, consequences, but also specific polish examples, and us, on the other hand, with experts, with whom we want to discuss the long tradition of polish resistance and, in particular, about the solidarity movement.

The subject we will approach our meetings with different methods: a casual introduction to a form of (re-) acquainted with a content brainstorming and followed by a text discussion. afterwards, several of us self-designed short lectures, followed by a discussion in the foreground. as a scientific guest of the head of the institute of national remembrance in wroclaw, robert żurek, will discuss with us about “church and protest in poland”. add to text work and discussion, a simulation of the round-table negotiations in 1989, as well as a thematic city walk to the “orange alternative” of the 1980s. a joint film evening with discussion (volker schlöndorf – strike, the heroine of gdansk), as well as a meeting with the local greens round out the program.

The art of the illegality of / η τεχνη της ανομιας / the art of lawlessness

hispanic women looking for white menCopyright/in: institute for live arts research. all rights reserved.

Event of the the institute for live arts research |π|, athens, greece, 20.-22.03.2014 the art of illegality is made up of smaller meetings in private homes, a public discussion and an artistic presentation. starting from the greek “exception situation”, as now designed and deployed, we would like to with political scientists, sociologists, legal scholars, activists, artists, psychiatrists, etc. questions, among other things, about the power of the law, about justice, about outlaws and autonomous spaces to discuss. if indeed, the ‘institution of law’ with a performative (or interpretative) violence, coup (coup de force) goes hand-in-hand (jacques derrida), then it is suggested to ask, through what actions and the actions of the law is specifically called for in an exceptional situation, why and with what consequences.the event will also be followed by a publication.

The friends of the heinrich-böll-be foundation, presented to finance the completion of the event in athens, in which the results in the form of artistic work.

“hadi bye” – a documentary about the return to a country that often only home to the parents

hispanic women looking for white menAbout a half-century ago, it is now that the call for labour, people from turkey, brought in the young federal republic of germany. meanwhile, the number of immigrants is on the decline, many of turkish origin to return. but what drives these people to move to a country to which they often have only a childhood memory. what brings you to a carefully constructed existence in favour of an uncertain home-promising future to give up? the “sense of home was missing you” in germany? what are the views of these people are now on the turkish culture and way of life? would you want to stay, if the german company would have received open?  in the documentary film “hadi bye” tell münevver, ruhan, derya, emine and necip off the german integration debate from their own personal border crossing between turkey and germany. all five have spent most of her life in germany to opt for a return to the land of their birth or the home of their parents, in turkey.the film-maker anne denkinger and matthias ditscherlein have accompanied them for over a year in her life in the metropolitan area of izmir, in turkey, and people experienced in which often two the heart beat. a lot of you could learn to be about the feeling between germany and turkey, torn, about german virtues, turkish cordiality and opportunities in the cultural heritage of two countries to use.

“hadi bye” is currently in post-production, and to celebrate in late summer 2014 premiere.

183 days of the frankfurt auschwitz trial (1963-1965)

hispanic women looking for white menFifteen years went to the land of the perpetrators, to a german public prosecutor’s office initiated the first systematic investigations against members of the camp ss of auschwitz. the hessian attorney general fritz bauer initiated the frankfurt auschwitz trial, which lasted 183 days of trial, has acquired the german and the international public is of paramount importance. in the process the voice of the victims came to the hearing. 211 auschwitz survivors, said in frankfurt/m.. they described in detail the selections on the ramp, the ordeals of camp life, the day-to-day struggle, only a few won the of come the survival. with the crimes committed in auschwitz to be confronted, could the german public not help with the ns-past.

The film, in addition to a movie version as a tv series in 6 parts created, will be understood as a contribution to the understanding of how civilization works. she was just there and still is, where the shape of the auschwitz-given process. it’s about the pathology of social processes, the question of the whole, and the role of the individual.

I serve germany

hispanic women looking for white menYou knew! (documentary theatre)

In war and in love everything is allowed, however, as it is with the love in times of war? when the partner goes to war: what life wives, girlfriends lead, life companions, when the man for months in the war effort go? the director britta benedetti, actress vanessa daun, and a film team conducted interviews with soldiers and women of different ages and filmed. a evening, of the projected the interviews as a movie clip on the stage. stage: steel structure and flexi-band. actress: in between. she sings, dances, plays, , commented on and accompanied. worlds the meet. what is, is experienced discourse. and again the question of the own way of dealing with life

An inter-media stage of the project, the sense about sense and senselessness of war.

“silence of water – boys do cry”

hispanic women looking for white men“silence, water – boys do cry” is a play about the suffering of the men. men lead wars and corporations, conquer women and the space. the is obviously. but what struggles with themselves and what they are suffering rarely comes to the surface. scientific research, however, show alarming results, and have been for some time: men live shorter lives, are more often sick, even as a child worse in school and violent. “silent water – boys do cry” deals with the situation and the role of men in our society. the theatre-makers say: men are not happy. so as you should be, don’t you want to be, maybe, but how then? welcome to the men’s movement! in order to allow a fresh point of view on male behavior pattern, it will operate four women on the stage.

Ensemble moxos

hispanic women looking for white menThe ensemble moxos is an example of the unique historical development in bolivia and the resulting connection to folk-traditional, indigenous elements with european influences from culture, religion, and music. the musicians come from the small village of san lgnacio de moxos, the population belongs mostly to the indigenous ethnic group of moxeños. as ensemble moxos was an initiative set by the preservation and enhancement of historical and cultural heritage of the moxeños to the target. today, the ensemble of around 20 musicians, and music is at the age of 12 to 27 years. through his music, the ensemble tries to maintain the identity of the indigenous community and the memory of the own culture and to pass on. from their melodies to their history, the preserve also for generations to come speak at the same time. the ensemble of a school, in which around 200 children and young people the opportunity is structured to receive a professional musical education. this year, in november, the young musicians and the music will be in the framework of a tour of europe for the second time in berlin. this allows you to make cultural heritage visible and to share. the friends fund a portion of the stay in berlin.

Ver:play: tierra muerta

hispanic women looking for white menTo understand the company”, ver:play” as an international and cross-saves amalgamation of various artists. “ver:play” will investigate different forms and types of representation and combine, so that a cross-cultural, interdisciplinary cooperation in the foreground can stand the productions. the aim is the creative combination of varied culture, traditions and languages, research, implementation and presentation. their current relevance is based on the social paradigm shift, away from a homogeneous to a heterogeneous society in germany. in addition, the ensemble is defined as a part of a global movement, which ensures societal challenges, such as prejudice, racism, exclusion and integration. “ver:play” wants to motivate the audience to understand the theatre culture as an inter-culture.

With the current from the friends-sponsored production, “tierra muerta” deals ver:play in cooperation with the “compagnie maelstroem” from paris/france with a mexican cloth: this will be a performative implementation (world premiere), inspired by short stories by the mexican author juan rulfo from the band “the llano in flammen”. the piece is to be shown in france and germany, before moving to mexico.

  •     To the site of production
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  •     current Trailer

Airossini: greek-german cooperation in the neukölln opera

hispanic women looking for white men© neuköllner oper

After a successful cooperation with the heinrich böll foundation 2012 (in the case of yasou aida, which was a much-acclaimed berlin-premiere in thessaloniki, for a sensation and point out to the athens-epidaurus festival to athens was invited) was created with the support of the circle of friends, a new “greek-german joint venture”with the team, the beggars’ opera of athens: “airossini” , an “opéra oligarchique” to the airport’s opening.

Already, rossini seems to have been almost 200 years ago the spectacle in schönefeld anticipated. in his comic opera il viaggio a reims men and women are under pressure to show what everything is possible, when the carriages come and the great journey to the king bursts. a welcome occasion for the neuköllner oper and the team of the beggars‘ opera of athens, to draw the obvious parallel to the airport spectacle in berlin, with a drastic revision. but as a whole evening about top german forces from politics and the construction industry to a lot of honor and would rather be a case for the cabaret, it goes into airossini to the difficult lives of business leaders from around the world (i.e. those that really do something). of all things, of berlin, from start-up to the world conference for the solution of global problems. start?  …, if only they could! because ber is not, despite its 15. shift.

  • Additional information about the project: neukölln Opera

Movie myanmar-germany: “greener pastures”

hispanic women looking for white menTin win naing is one of the first students of the pioneering first and only film school in myanmar, the yangon film school (yfs). now he got the chance to shoot his first film with the working title “greener pastures”.

“Greener Pastures” (“In the shadow of hope”) tells the story of three Myanmar of families, how they look than work migrants in vain for a better future in the neighboring country of Thailand, while their homeland is in political change. Tin Win Naing, to the rotation time of a political refugee, is in the Film due to its personal Narrative present. The audience learns how the Experienced his perspective on his homeland and his countrymen fundamentally changed. In the stories of the protagonists, the overall situation of Myanmar and its inhabitants: condenses The colonial period, the mismanagement of the government, corruption, and decades of sanctions. For the majority of the population, it’s simply a question of daily Survival. There is little time for education or political interest remains.
with the Support of the friends Tin Win Naing comes to the fine-cut approx. a month after Germany. This visit allows him to take advantage of the professional Meeting and contacts with the international/German film industry, to build a network – an important point for the professional development of Tin Win Naing, one of the great young talents of the Myanmar film world after decades of foreclosure is currently on a steep path to the Top.


Documentary: anna & saihou – a love story

hispanic women looking for white menimage: Patrick Meyer-Clement

Saihou comes from gambia and is an applicant for asylum, he is allowed to leave the state of baden-württemberg only with a permit. his girlfriend anna lives in berlin. the two dream of a common future, but to be able to live together, you would have to get married. the authorities refuse the necessary capacity to contract marriage certificate. then the shock: saihou must leave germany within four weeks, otherwise he will be deported…

A documentary by denise dismer on the living conditions of asylum applicants in germany than the discrimination of binational couples and about love. the friends now support the post production of the film, after you have supported in the year 2011 already in the production phase.

Book project: “the ufo university. critical-practical utopian experiments between art, science, and everyday life“

hispanic women looking for white menThe interdisciplinary art project “ufo University” is started, in response to the changing and escalating political and economic Agenda and their consequences for the practical living and working conditions in the arts and (Humanities) science as tools of new utopian designs together. Those who sought their welfare in the ‘entrepreneurial Self’, but in a reflection and change of circumstances, was our offer. The ‘ufo-University’ wanted to intervene in new forms of joint engagement in the political discourse as well as in the city – and be critical, serious and practical.

In the friends funded the publication will be presented in various ways, the work (and income) of the ufo university: first as a chronicle of the group work and the second with materials from the accompanying program, which is worked up again in terms of content, with the current debates contextualized for the reading were edited. for the third, with the theoretical reflection of the work of the ‘ufo-university’ basic, but by far not relationship between art, theory, and policy, it is limited. in the publication of the three thematic areas of ‘production of knowledge’, ‘self-organisation’ and ‘participation’ are processed, which are, as it were, debated in contemporary art/theory that is currently strong.

For more information on the project: www.ufo-universitaet.de

Feature film project – “bandits” (at)

hispanic women looking for white men“when i came here, i was cyril. now i am cyril solala. but soon, soon i’m gonna be mr cyril.“

The bandits told to read the love story of 45-year art educator sunny from frankfurt am main and cyril, a between 32 and 37 years in the congo. cyril claims to be ”by accident” in germany, stranded and rejected the stigmatisation of asylum seekers is fundamentally. sunny, who responded with great resistance to social norms, and always in search of new impulses is impressed by cyril’s unbroken will to want it, against all the expectations of society create, and of his tireless energy.

Its illegality and unknown terrain is to your personal adventure: they both believe that they are stronger than the system and are bursting with power. but after a while the noise-like state, and belief gives way to the common rise to a state of exhaustion. their differences and the initial potential of the relationship are becoming a hurdle. nevertheless, they

On the basis of a specific story that has played out in the next environment of the two film-makers, make hannes hero and lisa bierwirth, the question of what it means to be illegal in germany. two characters that do not want to conform to society’s expectations, result in an unusual relationship story that dares to take away from the usual clichés for a different look at social structures.

Film: days of cannibalisim

hispanic women looking for white menThe circle of friends supported the development of the film project “days of cannibalism” by teboho edkins. the western “days of cannibalism” is playing in africa today, and is a hybrid of documentary and fiction film.

The film is about globalization – from a hotel in southern china, a gang of smugglers in lesotho, which plays in the bar in the days of cannibalism cards, to violent cattle rustling deep in the lesotho mountains. the film is developed to a real-world contemporary story of the cannibalism of our days, a story about the relationship between china and africa on structures of power and those who are affected by this.

“access to justice” (documentary)

hispanic women looking for white menright of free spaces right in the middle of Germany? Diplomats enjoy immunity, but their employees access to the law in Germany, will be denied, even if it is in their personal stories of deprivation of freedom, modern slavery and assault. The Film tells these stories and reported on an unprecedented legal battle for the Affected, to find at last in front of a German court hearing.

Book / directed by: s. room and s. budenheim; production: crossend moviesponsored by the friends of the heinrich-böll-stiftung

Follow-up support: the “talk café” for women in the vicinity of kabul

hispanic women looking for white men“i am delighted that we have been on such a good idea as to the storytelling cafe,” writes the initiator of the project, with shaima ghafury: “and i am very grateful for the support of the project, which has enabled the implementation of this idea. i’ve seen a big difference in the case of women and young girls as a year ago. they have become much more alert and self-confident. you said that you have to speak now more courage. above all, they have a lot of fun. for the housewives the storytelling cafe is the only fun.a woman has stored in her burka already. the young girls are now wearing all of the pants with long blouses, rather than the “panjabis”. thus, they have become more like urban women. for this, they had to break the resistance of their relatives.this time i brought the women, “terra bands” of the sport and a puzzle. you can enjoy the sport and light community, play, very. they absorb everything you tell them and recommend. of course, there are still many problems. for example, one of the major problems in the case of a woman who can’t have children. therefore, your relationship with your husband is not well. in addition, some housewives are still illiterate, but you want to learn to read and write.“

For the continuation of the narrative of cafes and women’s meeting point, the funding is missing for some months. here are the girlfriends and friends have helped with its promotion.

Book project: “to tell in order to understand

hispanic women looking for white men“the turkish intellectuals, who came with the military coup in 1980 to germany, constitute one of the three major generations of turkish migrants in germany. many of them found in germany an exile, you can’t leave to this day.

The author oya baydar lived after the coup 12 years in german exile. both authors were involved in the turkish democracy movement of the 1980s until today. in her book, “tell to understand” (original: bir dönem iki kadın. birbirimizin aynasında) talk about the years of political resistance, from life in the underground, prison and exile. ulagay and baydar open in their discussions about the struggle for freedom is a personal and hauntingly honest look at the world and particularly in turkey in the last decades.

The friends participate in the financing of the translation into german, which is expected to appear in the summer of 2013.

Medical care for a nigerian activist

hispanic women looking for white menThe activist zahradeen gambo has been working for years on human rights issues in nigeria, in a very difficult environment. he stood by the heinrich böll foundation in nigeria for this year’s work, especially for the current tour to berlin, as a partner and effective support provided. zahradeen is in the whole of the german community in nigeria for his work: the german embassy has invited him some time ago, on a visit to berlin, where he met the members of parliament volker beck.currently, but he is unable to work: in a traffic accident zahradeen gambo has broken a foot, that a bone – and skin surgery was necessary. our head of office in nigeria has held a treatment outside nigeria is essential, and together with the german embassy, the head of deutsche welle’s in-house department and the other for treatment in germany made strong.the friends finance zahradeen gambo the flight to germany, where he can be treated in september.


With sos for human rights to brussels

hispanic women looking for white menThe campaign sos for human rights is directed against violations of children’s rights and human rights at the external borders and within the eu. it was in the fall of 2010, eight organisations launched: the grips theater of berlin, the refugee councils of berlin and brandenburg, the youth without borders (jog), pro asyl, wt, borderline europe, as well as ways to life. together they are calling for: escape routes free! the undeclared war against the refugees, stop! children’s rights and human rights to implement!

Sos for human rights consists of an eponymous theatre piece of the grips theatre, an appeal from jog, as well as actions of the alliance. since november 2010, the piece is touring (ab 12 j.) nationwide. the story of the young refugees jamila, naisha and kerim allows, about the reasons for flight, the life-threatening travel conditions of the refugees and fortress europe to educate.in december 2012, sos for human rights is planning a trip to brussels, in order to reflect the theme of the campaign and to create a forum for discussion and debate. through performances of the piece, as well as actions, such as. the handing over of the signatures to be created, directed attention to the theme of the campaign, and among the deputies of the eu parliament a greater sensitivity to the problem of violations of human rights in the eu context. the friends finance the photo support and video documentation of the trip to brussels.for more information:


Gladt qpoc summer school

hispanic women looking for white menIn the German society are represented (queer) People of Color, Black (queer) people and (queer) people with a migration background in the different areas. Their experiences are negated in the of white people-dominated society, not respected, ignored. Multiple affiliations and multiple discrimination to be addressed by society, too little and life realities of QPoC thus, in everyday life, too little attention is paid.
The wants to put the Berlin-based organization GLADT a series of events to strengthen the exchange of your participants, empowering, and opportunity, and to develop strategies for action. In the project “GLADT – QPoC Summer School” are offered in the summer of 2012, various theoretical and practical events organized by and for Queers of Color, Queers, immigrant, and Black Queers.
  • program GLADT – QPoC Summer School (pdf, 9 pages, 6.2 MB).

Follow-up application: using stories to change the present day

hispanic women looking for white menBosnia and herzegovina will be drawn from both the inside as well as from the external perspective, often in very dark colors. with this socio-political literature of the end of the project from bosnia and herzegovina, has been designed for writing a platform, you represent artistically from a personal perspective, experiences of their everyday lives, with straining, full of hope, and for the viewer tangible could do. at the same time, side by side to draw from different perspectives of a common theme for both the authors and the readers a more complex picture of bosnia and herzegovina as the often (medial) of the transported image. as a result of the work to a book, also translated in german and bosnian artists illustrated.

The project was already promoted in the last year the friends – now the finished work is to be edited and layouted and together with all involved on a great opening is presented.

Demonstration for free elections, democracy and human rights in russia

hispanic women looking for white menThe heinrich-böll-foundation has long been committed to free elections and for the release of political past in russia – both in berlin and on the spot.4. february 2012 took place in berlin, one of many demonstrations for free elections, democracy and human rights in russia, with moscow and other cities. this drew on the german tradition of the carnival of a political satire. in support of this “political carnival” have taken care of the friends and friends, the organizing team car, a carnival in the rhineland tradition of rent, to decorate, all with carnival dolls equip was able to.

Documentary: k-143 – to the strengthening of the local self-government in bosnia

hispanic women looking for white menLogo of the k 143, source: facebook

The film is supposed to portray the coalition 143. this group of the ngo-landscape of bosnia and herzegovina (bih) is characterized by a substantive agenda, but is an institutional requirement, which it addresses to the political system of a bearing on bih: strengthening of local self-government.

The k-143 is a consortium of many organizations with different objectives. they all share the determination, the in the population prevailing sense of political powerlessness to oppose something constructive. the coalition 143 occurs for a reform of the decision-making processes. an important part of the reforms required for the transfer of power from the national and the entity level to the municipal level, to take account of both the questions and problems as well as their different solutions closer to the citizens. in discussions with the actors, the filmmakers want to learn how you can spread your idea and your implementation want to achieve. at the same time you also be interested in the items of the population: such as the idea of coalition 143? she meets a real existing need?

By the cutting of these different perspectives to a discussion within the film is to be created. the coalition 143 immanent and guiding idea of decentralisation is thereby symbolically expressed that the participating ngos in different cities are located (sarajevo, trebinje, tuzla, mostar, banja luka, livno) and in the framework of the project visits should be.


Something different: a multi-media dance-theatre for people from the age of four

hispanic women looking for white menThe friends of the heinrich böll foundation promote this production of distance project, based on the eponymous children’s book by kathryn cave and chris riddell, awarded with the unesco prize for children’s literature in the service of tolerance.

Children living in our multicultural society, with their different socializations and need to find their way around it. the story is linked to the personal engagement of our children on a daily basis with yourself and others. it covers topics such as perception, identity, isolation, and exclusion, diversity, acceptance and tolerance. the problems and challenges of the protagonists are “somehow different” is a synonym for what we have to deal with as the whole of humanity.

From choreography, music, and video develops a universally understandable visual language. a piece full of high spirits and sensuality, sense and nonsense, funny, touching and somehow different…

The project is a connection between the cultural – educational work with children and the creative process creates. children from five cologne primary school classes in project weeks with their creativity and experience the artistic medium of the staging, and you can get an intensive insight into the artistic work. this way of working as a model. the piece is supposed to go on an international tour.

“somehow different” active cooperation partner of unesco, and the initiative for dance in schools in the nrw land office dance.

Documentary: home port

hispanic women looking for white menPhoto: helen walter-kurkjian.

Home port is the portrait of a simple man with an extraordinary life. this has been influenced by several global conflicts – from the genocide of the armenian people, the palestine-israel conflict, the i. + ii. world war, as well as from the lebanese civil war.

In the history it comes to losses and achievements, identity, exchange, integration issues, and to re-home search took in the stranger.

The project is in development/pre-production. the friends have supported the young film-maker helen walter-kurkjian already in the project development, after a trip to damascus. there, she was invited with her documentary film project on the campus of the dox box festival.

Documentary: anna & saihou – a love story

hispanic women looking for white menPhoto: denise dismer

Anna german nationals, saihou asylum applicants from the gambia. the two want nothing more than to live in berlin. a prerequisite for a marriage. because the asylum application of saihou has been rejected, he may, at any time after africa reported. however, because of the bureaucratic obstacles to a wedding in germany is as good as impossible. now the couple wants to get married in the gambia, but whether saihou may then come back to germany, is uncertain. the filmmaker denise dismer documents the difficult living conditions of asylum seekers, the unequal treatment of binational couples and the struggle of a dear couple for their common future.

Documentary: no one is illegal

hispanic women looking for white menThe situation of refugees in greece is a recurring theme in the german media. here is reported about the insufficient care of the refugees, the it glazing by the police and, not least, also illegal provisions in turkey. again and again the language of “illegal” refugees. in any of the articles, reports and movies, the most talked about the personal situation of the refugees. anna brass and hamon tanin keep the stories and the fixed destinies of the young refugees in greece in a documentary. as a result, the more marginalised the subject is supposed to put out in public, and about the conditions and life circumstances of young refugees to be elucidated.

Storytelling cafe: a meeting place for women – kabul

hispanic women looking for white menWomen in afghanistan are exposed for more than 30 years of war and its consequences. many are traumatized, many are illiterate. these women have no possibility to speak about their suffering in writing and not to talk mostly about that, let alone themselves and to help their suffering comrades. everything you have experienced, and in the interior, hidden, without anyone knowing it. therefore, these women are almost always very sad without knowing the reason exactly. in addition, almost all of the women have made dramatic and often cruel experiences in your life that you will find, therefore, little or no audience for their suffering and worry. your suffering history, accompanied the women for life without ever belonging to and confide in someone could to talk to the suffering “of the soul”. so you are forced to take everything to the grave. to counteract the “talk café”.

The district waselabad is located to the southeast of the city of kabul. most of the inhabitants belong to the poorer stratum of the population. the vast majority of women are housewives. thus, they are just busy with family life, social contacts are a rarity.

With this project we can reach out to women of socially vulnerable layers of the society in afghanistan, which will benefit from funding for afghanistan never. in the district, the project will open a new door for women. the women will tell to be “learning”. in particular, young women will come up with the management and organisation of woman’s work for the first time in contact. the meeting place can be used for further community and individual development of women (computer courses, relaxation courses, etc…). thus, this project can be seen as a springboard by gradually basic structures for future community work and establish and develop.

Artist exchange: beauty through my eyes

hispanic women looking for white men“beauty through my eyes” is an exchange project of sudanese and german artists to investigate questions of collaboration, ideas and the understanding of art in the two countries artistically.

The poles, which meet in the same project, have different conceptions of politics, culture, religion, ethnicities, and gender roles, the family and personal backgrounds.

Asks the project, whether in the context of global and transnational problems of the 21st century. century can find ways to visualize together through the artistic process, the human ways of dealing and testing.

In the first part of three german artists travelled to khartoum to cooperate with the artists of the sudanese plastic artists union (spau). in the second part, traveled three of the seven invited african artists to germany. those artists who had received a visa, you will be involved via the internet and reproductions in the process and the exhibition and were involved.

The friends of the heinrich-böll-stiftung will finance the documentation of the exchange for artistic sustainability of the project.

Book: with stories changing the present

Film: head on

hispanic women looking for white menMovie scene, photo: docview

The subject of the documentary film project “head on – (on)in kibbutz ma’abarot” are the biographies of the national socialist regime in germany persecuted people, living today in kibbutz ma’abarot in israel. the basis for the film of interviews with five people who were on very different paths from germany to israel and palestine to build a new life.the film-makers are on both the history of persecution, as the more the people live in the kibbutz and in israel, interested.

The film of docview, a  group of eight young people, most of whom are still studying, is aimed particularly at young people. without the project, the filmmakers and all those who will see the movie have probably no chance to learn from the life stories of the protagonists and vice versa, this would perhaps not have the opportunity to make your story accessible to others – a further motivation for the group to deal with the issue.

The project idea was developed jointly and implemented jointly. the group tries to work in a hierarchy-free and has, for example, for a film project, unusual – no director, but decides in the group, what priorities should be placed in the film.

Roman: halved hopes – pınar selek

hispanic women looking for white menIstanbul, 1980: after the military coup, the young istanbul hasan, sema, salih and elif fight against the oppressive lack of perspective and the painful losses this year. from their roots forcibly detached, embark on the poignant search for social and political belonging – and the own i.

Travel, the lives of the four are marked by the struggle against the oppressive lack of perspective and the painful losses this year. the friends have to decide: the illegal, armed struggle, or the innocent life, the home or the exile.

For the first time, pınar selek tells of those times through the eyes of young people. it tells of courage and dreams, of people that find each other, and to forgive from the ability. “a halving of hopes” but it is not only the story of a generation. pınar selek creates in her debut novel, a gripping portrait of istanbul – a love letter to “your” city living like no other to their diversity.

A hopeful book – today more relevant than ever. it appears in october of 2011.

Pınar selek is a sociologist, writer and feminist, and she understands itself as a political activist. since 1998, by the turkish judiciary, as a terrorist followed, she lives since some years in exile in germany, supported by the heinrich-böll-foundation. currently, she lives as a scholar of the p. e. n. germany, in berlin.

Campus: dox box festival in damascus

hispanic women looking for white menImage: guevara namer (dox-box organization)

The friends have enabled the musician and film-maker helen walter-kurkjian (berlin/moscow) participation in the campus of the dox box festival in 2011 in damascus. dox box is the first public, non-profit documentary film festival in syria. it was initiated in 2007 by independent film-makers in damascus, and as a platform for arab and international film-makers established at the end of which is intended to promote cultural exchange. it is first and foremost young film –makers are to be addressed at the end of, and interested in all public events and film screenings free of charge.

The dox box campus is a workshop on invitation. together with 14 other young film-makers had helen walter-kurkjian there is the possibility, under the guidance of international mentors from the documentary film industry (kirsten johnson/usa, mikael ostrup & are doing muller/denmark, rada sesic/serbia/netherlands, etc.) on your film project “home port” to work more and this representatives of international foundations to present.

“home port” plays in parts of beirut and haifa, and treated on the example of the life story of her father, the great themes of home and identity. helen about her experiences in damascus: “i am particularly grateful for the many concrete advice of the mentors to my film project. the meeting with young arab film-makers was inspiring and has broadened my horizon – i was surprised that 70% of the invited boy, were self-confident women.“

Art project fragile-global performance chain journey

hispanic women looking for white menImage: urte pottery

In a global art initiative is a pane of glass by the hands of hundreds of artists around the world. can travel one fragile object, in times of email, chat and  mobility safely around the world, passed from hand to hand, charging with stories and faces? more than 750 artists from 62 countries will take part in the art action. each artist will create, if he or she is in the temporary possession of the object, so that an impermanent work of art: performance artists, live events arise, a musician to compose the pieces, the visual artist, the theme of the fragility develop in pictures, sculptures or installations. the peculiarity of the project lies not only in the field of art, in all its diversity, it is examined in its international claim to phenomena such as globalisation and ecology, and the question of what tolerance and international understanding mean for us today. the journey of the object and the artist will be documented on the website fragile-global-performance.net .

Film: arrival – aya kouamé

hispanic women looking for white menThey come from greece, spain, italy, former yugoslavia, portugal, morocco, tunisia, vietnam, turkey, cuba, mozambique, poland and angola. some have left their country for economic reasons, others due to political unrest. some come to study, out of love for the partner, or just out of curiosity. some have returned to their home countries, most have remained. have you seen germany’s development. you have lives – some so good that you feel now in your own home to foreign. some have established a higher standard of living, and fight for the existence of the minimum. nevertheless, all have something together: they remember exactly to your arrival, on your first days in germany. the documentary by aya kouamé shows the first impressions of migrants, their memories of the day of your arrival.

Movie: the miraculous arithmetic of the differences

hispanic women looking for white menPhoto: dagmar schultz

The film of dagmar schultz and zara zandieh documented the visits by the african-american writer and activist audre lorde in berlin and taught, what are the political and artistic influence they had in germany to the black and feminist communities in a time of intense political change, and still has. a constructive way of dealing with differences was one of the main concerns of audre lorde. with this message the film aims to encourage today’s discussions and reflections in a variety of different groups and through the use of events to sustainable anti – discrimination and integration work.

District project: so near, so far

hispanic women looking for white menThe special project of the youth work of the german theatre brings together children and young people with german and african background for an inter-cultural theatre project. together they will track down stories of escape, migration and the life in hamburg, and under the guidance of the director and actor, patrick is a theatre in abozen develop. they tell stories that are sometimes told out of fear, strangeness, fear, or uncertainty, describe your family life, talk about their experiences and dreams, their roots and their traditions. the developed piece will be mobile for use in schools and district centers on the veddel in hamburg are shown. the film’s director patrick abozen works regularly with young people of different nations on the topic of migration and translates them into dance, hip-hop, and theatre performances. the circle of friends supports the implementation of the project.

Anchor rice seed bank vrihi – west bengal

hispanic women looking for white menImage: © centre for interdisciplinary studies

Indian biologist, dr. debal deb established in 1997, the first non-governmental rice seed bank in west bengal by the name of vrihi (sanskrit for rice). since then, dr. deb and his colleagues at the centre for interdisciplinary studies (cis) to halt the loss of genetic diversity of the rice plant to a halt, as well as the increasingly-forgotten practice of saagut‑exchange in west bengal the revival.

With more than 600 cultured, traditional rice varieties, which are given out to farmers from 18 states, is vrihi today, the largest commercial hub for rice seeds in eastern india. the success shows that sustainable agriculture can claim varieties, management with traditional crops permanently from the modern, high-performance, which will be marketed by international agricultural companies aggressively. through the support of the circle of friends an interview with the founder, dr. deb was able to be included, in which he outlines the principles and visions of vrihi. the film serves as a campaign in support of the project.

  •     The Interview with Dr. Deb

Film: jalda and anna

hispanic women looking for white menJalda rebling, cantor. photo: katinka zeuner.

The documentary portrait of two jewish women brings unconventional jewish life in the berlin of today and shows how diverse jewish identities and ways of life. the film-maker katinka zeuner and benjamin laser portray, jalda rebling and anna adam, two artists living in a same-sex marriage with 3 sons and in a variety of ways to enable people to live according to their own ideas. provide you with ohel hachidusch – the of you founded the “tent of renewal” – people who for various reasons have no place in the large jewish community, a place to live a jewish life according to your style. jalda and anna’s commitment and their constant struggles to achieve their dreams are groundbreaking and exemplary for the search for life concepts beyond the social, religious and cultural barriers. the cinematic portrait of these two personalities is found in the educational work on anti-semitism, as well as in projects for diversity and tolerance to use.

Medical care for people without papers: medinetz

hispanic women looking for white men© medinetz rhein-neckar e. v.

Medinetz rhein-neckar e. v. is an association of medical student/inn/en in heidelberg and mannheim, the use for the medical care of people without papers. in germany, people without papers, in fact, no access to the health system and often shy away from investing even in the case of serious diseases the way to the doctor or to the doctor for fear of deportation. medinetz has set up a weekly consultation for sick people without a residence permit. furthermore, the people can apply without documents by phone to the association. the patient can be transferred to cooperating medical/inn/en and free of charge treated, while the susceptible laboratory costs will be covered by the association. in 2009, the number of supervised pregnant women has increased considerably, which has led to a high financial burden on the small association. the support by the circle of friends allows you to continue adequate support of these women.

Exhibition: small-scale farmers in bangladesh

hispanic women looking for white menPhoto: katharina mouratidi

The project consists of a photo/text exhibition on “nayakrishi andolon – the movement of new agriculture” in bangladesh. these predominantly women-supported farmer’s movement consists of approximately 65,000 families and has set itself the goal of healthy food sustainably, without the use of chemicals and to protect the environment. in the attached “nayakrishi seed network”, the seed network, to collect women’s traditional knowledge of thousands of varieties of rice, and this will develop further in scientific trials. traditionally, the preservation, maintenance and development of the seed is in bangladesh, the task of the women and so the re-discovered knowledge under the motto keep seeds in our hands – sisters is! only from women to women passed. the exhibition project is part of the cycle “living alternatives – paths in a sustainable, fair future”. the work cycle represents six cities, villages, communities and networks from all over the world, the globalization of the economic  and the current food crisis in his own way, and alternative concepts of sustainable management and the preservation of their livelihoods and the environment have developed and implement them. for the realization of the project, the photographer katharina mouratidi will be touring in february 2010 for four weeks bangladesh and the work of “nayakrishi andolon and nayakrishi seed network” document.

Chechen cultural centre – berlin

hispanic women looking for white menOrganized by migrant-led centre in berlin, offering advice on asylum and social integration, lectures on human rights topics and arranges caucasian culture and religious education. it is visited mainly by children and young people, the learned and experienced in chechnya in an atmosphere of war and violence, and violence as the only method of conflict management know. important aspects of the work of the centre is the teaching of non-violence and the temperate sufti-tradition of islam, to chechnya, are characteristic. the chechen young people with a home – and language loss, and the loss of social bonds to cope. looking for the meaning of life and identity of radical forms of islam are often not unattractive. the center seeks these processes and negative experiences to counteract. the friends support this work with a funding contribution to a short-term fancy financing to compensate for.

Documentary: the ugly kid

hispanic women looking for white menThe documentary by lena room describes the life situation of young migrants from myanmar and shows the political and social situation in the “golden triangle”, the border of mynmar, thailand and laos. drug and human trafficking belong to the everyday life of these young people, who can only break out of the cycle of crime and violence. the cinematic view of the life contexts of young people border actors is characterized by its multi-layered perspective and thus makes a contribution to the discourse on the so far little-discussed crisis region of the myanmar-thai border area. the friends support the completion of the film, is to come into the educational work to be used.

Film: board speaking

hispanic women looking for white menBoard speaking is a european film project, traveled from the adriatic to the baltic states and which deals with the “inner” border between the old and new eu member states. it deals with questions of borders in the landscape, but especially also in society and in the minds of the people. the mental border that separates the old member states of the new. as the external line of separation, you will lose more and more visibility, but as the inner border remains. seven europeans/tell in the movie, as you “have your” border experience: to forget in the field of tension between the desire, the need for memories and the need to orient between the relics from the times of communism and rapid globalization. the core of the project is the presentation and discussion of the film in 40 locations along the former eu border in collaboration with some 60 local partners in 8 countries. at the screenings, residents meet from both sides of the border, in order to discuss your impressions about this film, is addressed directly to you.

Exhibition: iran, parastou forouhar

hispanic women looking for white menThe iranian artist parastou forouhar presents in the work, “documentation”, press articles, interviews and letters in an artistic context and the staging of a ritual murder, according to opposition politicians by iran’s state intelligence service. through the aesthetics of the ornamental the of violence and freedom restrictions influenced life in iran unfolds. parastou forouhar binds in a nod to persian miniature painting groups of figures in ornamental structures. this turn out to be as the torture scenes, to the picturesque patterns, weave, dissolve, in ever-new configurations again. the opening of the exhibition in the presence of the artist in karlsruhe, right to the centre of karlsruhe e. v. was supported by me mohammedi foundation people through the circle of friends.

Game: quizzarabesque

hispanic women looking for white menWith a grant for the development of the game quizzarabesque the circle of friends supports the eurient e. v. association for trans-mediterranean cultural dialogue in leipzig. the quiz is intended to create an incentive, with the life-worlds of arab countries and the cultural backgrounds of migrants to cope with. it is intended to convey knowledge of the middle east, religions, customs and traditions, in feelings of resentment dissolve and a different format in the educational work of the curiosity on the life-worlds of migrants to awaken.

Health: koami atcha – scholarship

hispanic women looking for white menPhoto: karl-heinz korn

German student koami atcha came up with a scholarship to germany to research at the heinrich böll archive in cologne for his work on heinrich böll’s novel “women in front of river landscape”. as it is a serious illness befell, he had to be treated in hospital, which was not covered due to a pre-existing condition by the insurance company. in order to pay this bill, he would have had to be studying in togo, cancel. the circle of friends stepped in and paid the bill for the young böll-researcher who is now healthy again, and his studies continue.

To know

Film: that you know still alive

hispanic women looking for white menThe filmmaker savaz ceviz developed on the basis of 2006 from the heinrich-böll-foundation and memorial of the book “that you’re still alive”, a documentary film, the circle of friends with a small contribution supports. the book gathers the stories of children from chechnya about their experiences of war, fear, loss and violence. this poignant time, documents are delivered in the film by children from germany, in a sheltered environment to grow up in and in this be shown. by contrast, the film aims to raise awareness of the suffering of the children that are exposed to the experience of war and violence.

Caravan 2009: fortunately it is different

hispanic women looking for white menSince 1985, the club is a focal point for people with psychiatric experience and promotes the self-determination of the psychiatrically ill and the coexistence of people with and without disabilities. in july 2009, the blue camel, and his caravan make again on the way to draw on the waterways of berlin, brandenburg and wolfsburg to bremen. the caravan of 2009 occurs with events and actions for equal rights and participation of the mentally ill in social life. as a travel company are: old and young, disabled and non-disabled, odd and even, artists, musicians, professionals and amateurs. the caravan in 2009, aims to conduct at the caravan stations to raise awareness about the phenomenon of “mental illness” to report with experts and all the fellow travelers – according to their skills – as an expert in your own word and in the events involved. as a result, the caravan, in 2009, is a place of political trial action, of practice, to engage, to criticize an occasion, sick relationships, and their officers get to a place in the middle of the company’s demand.

Treatment and seminar: aishat magomedova

hispanic women looking for white menIn 1994, the women’s hospital in dagestan was substantially supported by dr. med. aishat magomedova and the association “league for the protection of the mother and child”. be treated for little or no money – and in particular poor women from the mountains, where little or no medical infrastructure. for your socio-political involvement ms. magomedova was nominated – along with other 1000 women from all over the world – in 2005 for the nobel peace prize. for well over a year, there is a problem with state violence, with the aim of liquidation of the whole project. in may 2008, a legal court ruling was issued, instructing the eviction of the house to 31.12.2008. the club’s members and supporters then organised a protest meeting. the participants have been followed since then by the government and in the media and get away with it. aishat magomedova is now physically and mentally strong to be attacked. the circle of friends allows you, with the support of the association owen in october 2008 in berlin medically examined and cared for to be and in the same time period at the network seminar of the caucasian and of german peace activists to participate.

Training and mentoring programmes: ngo no of a new ngo developed legal frontiers

hispanic women looking for white menFrom the israeli ngo machsom watch, which observed in the last seven years of human rights violations at border crossings to the west bank and to the public, has the name “no legal frontiers”, which aims to intervene more heavily. since palestinians from the west bank to stand in front of israeli military courts, whose jurisdiction is different from the israeli civil law and the defendant received inadequate assistance of lawyers, developed “no legal frontiers” workshop, the palestinian lawyers in the israeli military schools of law. in addition, an extensive source book on the israeli military created a right that will be translated into arabic and english, and the lawyers as an important foundation serves. the circle of friends supports “no legal frontiers” in the development of training and mentoring programs.


A new edition of the novel: views of a clown – albania

hispanic women looking for white menThe translation of the novel “views of a clown” by heinrich böll into albanian a number of sections of the censorship fell in 1985 to the victim. the novel is encountered in albania, of great interest, but has long been out of print. with a printing cost subsidy promotes the circle of friends, the new edition of the novel with the translation of the previously censored passages through a small albanian publishing house.

Film: currents of judaism in germany

hispanic women looking for white menThe janusch kozminski film production, now produces the third part of a trilogy on judaism in germany. after the first two parts of the history and life of the jews in the 20th century. century dedicated, the new documentation with jewish religious movements in germany since the 19th century. century. the producers intend to convey, given the many of the new jewish communities in germany, the jewish religion clearly, the non – jewish and jewish population, especially the youth. with a small contribution of the circle of friends supports the large-scale film project.

Video installation: petrol in – nigeria

hispanic women looking for white menGasoline is a project in which a multi-channel video installation about exchange systems in lagos, nigeria, occurs, which is realized with the documentary and fictional resources. gasoline examined the various exchange systems on the example of lagos, a mega-city, the opposite the modern and the traditional rationality and forms of communication, entwined in each other exist. the project will work realised by constanze fischbeck and daniel kötter, with nigerian artists.

Book: perspectives on turkey

hispanic women looking for white men“perspectives on turkey, economic, and social (dis-)continuities in the context of europeanization” is the title of a book project on turkey, which is to appear shortly before this year’s frankfurt book fair. the planned edited volume intends to analyze the social, political and economic transformation processes in turkey in the last ten years in terms of the dominant discursive and political projects with a critical interdisciplinary view.

Translation: poem – itzhak katzenelson

hispanic women looking for white menZoltán halas is a former fellow of the heinrich-böll-house in long broich. he is a hungarian poet and translator and is currently working on the translation of yitzhak cat nelson’s poem “dos lid funem ojsgehargetn jidisn folkból”. cat nelson, in auschwitz, murdered jewish poet, known in hungary, no one, and even in germany he became well-known thanks to the translation by wolf biermann. the hungarian translated poem will be read in april on the occasion of the commemoration of the warsaw ghetto uprising and a photo exhibition about him at the holocaust center in budapest.

Film: tenderness

hispanic women looking for white menThe circle of friends contributed to the realization of the film “tenderness”. the film is about difficult relationships between men and women, as well as generation conflicts in present-day poland, and tackles taboo subjects such as homosexuality, abortion, and aids. as a mixture of interview scenes, and staged film sequences of the movie from curtis burz as an ensemble film was shot with polish actresses in krakow and warsaw. more”

Series of events: monday monday – literature and music

hispanic women looking for white menThe series of events monday monday supported the circle of friends a novel range of composition, from literature and music, readings and concerts were performed in the culture factory sachsenhausen in frankfurt am main.  once a month, on a monday evening, presented by writer and musician on an equal footing – a “world-programme”, in the different cultures. organizers the society for the promotion of literature from asia, africa and latin america, and music-global frankfurt. more”

h2>inheritance: Wolfgang Ullmann

The circle of friends supported in 2006/ 2007, the robert-havemann-gesellschaft e. v. in your project, the estate of dr. ullmann, the on 30. archive, july 2004, died. in addition to the life history and the academic, theological documents are the documents of his journalistic and political activities in an orderly and accessible to the public. more”

Translation: language-bound – arab artists

hispanic women looking for white menThe circle of friends supported the translation of texts for the edition, “bound said,” with the focus on arabic literature and art, published in december 2007. three arabic-speaking authors will be presented, each approximately 10 pages of poetry or short prose in translation. two arab artists, the design of the topics to take part. with a short editorial texts allows the readers a glimpse of the current literature and art of the respective home countries of the participants. more”

Performance: hematoma – cologne

hispanic women looking for white menIn the framework of the event on the occasion of the 90. birthday of heinrich böll and the 20.anniversary of the heinrich-böll-foundation on 2. december in the kunsthaus rhenania in cologne, is listed a performance in the fields of contemporary dance and visual arts, which has funded the circle of friends. the artists address in accordance with the text, “with these hands” by heinrich böll in terms of content, how böll’s texts in today’s time can be implemented.

Böll memories and impressions from the 2.world war ii and the immediate post-war period, based on the work of the multidivisional artists ensemble, with execution ground in the context of current execution sites: the prison camps, detention camps, and the internees perpetrators and victims. hematoma is an excerpt from it, and an adaptation of böll’s text.

Scholarship: from the interior kamal aljafari

hispanic women looking for white menArtists and former scholarship holder of the study work of the heinrich-böll-stiftung, kamal aljafari, granted scholarship of the friends circle, a work. aljafari’s working for some months in his home town of ramle to the realisation of the project “from the interior”. ramle is a small city in israel with a palestinian minority. with the help of photography, text and film, aljafari wants to bring the life, the personal attitude, thoughts and fears of the people there expressed. he wants to make the connection between people and their places where they live, clearly. his work he will present in an exhibition.

Documentary: the past is a foreign country

hispanic women looking for white menThe circle of friends sponsored a documentary film of the janusch kozminski film production with the title “the past is a foreign country – the jews in germany in the 21st century. century“. the documentary shows the background of the massive immigration of russian-speaking jews from the former soviet union since the reunification. in the european post-war history of unique process has helped the jewish life in germany to a new flowering. the film reflects on the opportunities of this wave of immigration as well as the resulting integration problems.

Choir apsora – small tear

hispanic women looking for white menThe circle of friends supported the 2003 in prague under the leadership of ida kelarová, launched apsora project. (apsora is a word in the roma language and means a small tear.) it consists of a choir with over 60 volunteer members and roma musicians, the czech republic tours. with the income of a roma funded project, whose goal is to integrate the roma minority into the czech society and to create a better understanding of their culture. meanwhile, a second choir was founded in berlin, the circle of friends at the time of his emergence helped. more”

Exhibition: works by ludwig meidner

hispanic women looking for white menIn october 2005, the ludwig meidner society e. v. arranged together with the municipal museum in wroclaw, an exhibition with works by ludwig meidner. ludwig meidner, has acquired after long years in oblivion, as a major representative of religious jewish culture also art-historically adequate appreciation, was born in 1884 in the vicinity of wroclaw. he attended the wrocław academy of art. the exhibition should also make a contribution to the german-polish cultural exchange. more”

Poster campaign in the bundestag: 10 years of srebrenica

hispanic women looking for white menWith the help of the circle of friends was a group of bosnian interns in the bundestag a poster campaign to 10 anniversary of the massacre in srebrenica can be realized. 11. in august 2005, she presented all delegates of the bundestag the poster with the inscription “srebrenica – 11. july 1995 – a reminder for the future – 10 years after the genocid”.

Book: the legacy – we can’t improve on nature

hispanic women looking for white menThe circle of friends supported the publication of the book “the legacy – we can’t improve on nature” with the speeches and essays of josé lutzenberger. josé lutzenberger, internationally as a fighter for ecology and social justice known, died in 2002. in 1926, in the southern brazilian porto alegre born, worked, lutz berger for over ten years as an agricultural engineer at basf, germany, before he founded in the 70s, the brazilian environmental movement. in 1988, he was awarded the alternative nobel prize, and from 1990 to 1992, the brazilian environment minister.

Medical treatment: andrei mironov

hispanic women looking for white menWith a financial contribution from the circle of friends participated in a campaign for the human rights activist andrey mironov, in order to allow him a medical inpatient treatment in germany. as a member of the human rights organization “memorial” documented mironov for years, human rights violations and war crimes in chechnya, and for the release of hostages and prisoners of war. in the last year, he had been by the security forces brutally beaten. however, he suffered a serious injury to the head, which led to a brain injury. without medical treatment he would have remained disabled.

Video installation: god of good fortune – berlin/sarajevo

hispanic women looking for white menCost of the project is “god of good fortune – berlin/ sarajevo”, a 3-channel video installation by constanze fischbeck, promoted the circle of friends through the takeover of the journey for the participating artists. as an interdisciplinary project in the context of theatre portraits of citizens, police officers and criminals of the two cities were berlin and sarajevo, and stories about civilian life together in both cities told. venue the hebbel theatre on the banks and in sarajevo, the goethe in berlin-institut inter nationes.

Photo exhibition: come togehter – israel/palestine

hispanic women looking for white menThe circle of friends supported the state of the photo project in israel-palestine “come togehter to come” by dieter beautiful rock. beautiful rock is planning an exhibition of large photos, which tell about the life of a family from israel and one from palestine. the photos should be shown in public places in israel and palestine, as well as in major european cities. both sides of the middle east conflict should be able to get a face and approach.

Scholarship: apti bisultanov – chechen poet

hispanic women looking for white menThe chechen poet apti bisultanov was granted by the circle of friends in january 2003, a transition scholarship. a return to chechnya would have been dangerous to life. in addition, could be translated thus, after its participation at the international literature festival in berlin with his using some of his texts into german.

Image-buying: green – project for amazonia

hispanic women looking for white menWith the purchase of one of the 100 images created by the painter michael müller and joined together to form a tapestry together, it was the circle of friends, a contribution to the support of the project green – a project for the amazon. green, three years ago, on the occasion of 500 years of brazil, initiated, financed with the sale of the 100 images, social medical projects that preserve the cultural autonomy of the indigenous peoples of amazonia, and more help develop. more”

Scholarship for: said-khassan abumuslimov – chechen member of parliament

hispanic women looking for white menDr. said khassan abumuslimov, a well-known and prominent chechen historian, was forced, after a lecture tour in germany, to extend his stay here. because of his political activities as a deputy of the chechen parliament and as head of the negotiations with russia after the first chechen war, the danger that he would be arrested upon her return to russia. to bridge the time up to the award of a research fellowship, granted to him the circle of friends, a transition grant for two months.

Backup power: frank lu of the information center for human rights & democracy

hispanic women looking for white menFrank lu established the information center for human rights & democracy in hong kong. this information centre was practically a one-man company. every day, frank lu provided questions valuable information about human rights and violations of labor conflicts, strikes and riots in china to the journalists of the foreign media. also correspondents of german newspapers based their reports, and reports on his research. up to his physical limit, he worked day and night; a heart had to suffer him a to the tied to the hospital bed. by means of our financial support as he could during his hospital for a temporary stay, setting the power and the information centre on the run to keep.

Support: coalition against impunity – disappeared in argentina

hispanic women looking for white menThe coalition against impunity, was used, with intensive education, lobbying and public relations for the german and of german origin “disappeared” in argentina justice. because of their work were submitted to the german justice on 30 criminal charges, which were directed against the former junta members from argentina. the biggest success so far is an international arrest warrant against the ex-general carlos guillermo suarez mason. the coalition made it also, that german family will be able to view members at last after twenty years at the german embassy in buenos aires in the files “missing”.

Special price for civil courage in the balkans: flora brovina

hispanic women looking for white menThe special prize for civil courage in the balkans was on 10. december 2000 awarded on human rights day at the doctor, and author of flora brovina from kosovo.

This was a tribute to her many years of courageous commitment to human rights, international understanding and non-violent solutions to conflict. the pediatrician, dr. flora brovina worked from 1973 to 1981 as a journalist for the daily newspaper rilindja in prishtina. she was a member of the editorial of two kosovo albanian women’s magazines and published several volumes of poetry. at the time of the award, she was still sitting in a serbian jail, sentenced to 12 years in prison for “terrorism”.

Awards: artists in kosovo

hispanic women looking for white menThis six-month scholarship program in the year 2000, half of the circle of friends-six young people, in their home, in kosovo, in an artistic way. in the precarious situation of the country was at the time, it was just for young artists is almost impossible to be able to from your work life. in the time of the building of a war-torn country like kosovo, some of the very practical things of everyday life were for the people in the foreground, art and culture, receded into the background. however, for the development of a community of art and culture, as well as the structure of the education and the health system. to promote this development with the concrete financial support for individual artists, was the concern of the circle of friends. of the jury, the painters were selected mrika isak sylejmani from poklek,  vjeter and arlinda hajrullahu from gjakova, the two painters klodian valla from gjakova and fitim aliu from gjilan, as well as shpresa meziu from mitrovica and valon veliqi from polac – skenderaj, both of the poet. more”

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