How You Can Become A Celebrity

Christiano Ronaldo, 25, is a 21st century soccer star and International Celebrity who recently hit a mark of 10 million fans on Facebook, one of the world’s largest social networking websites.

That means 10 million people whose lives have been directly or indirectly influenced by this young man. His life and career has impacted on theirs to the extent, they have become his loyal followers. Interestingly, these are people beyond his demography, people beyond his race and certainly people from all over the world.

This youngster has set himself as a leader through consistent and diligent expression of his gifts, talents and special abilities.

Leadership therefore is all about standing out, being exceptional and setting paces. Attaining the status of a celebrity is equal to becoming a leader. Becoming a celebrity is not a game of chance, it involves hard work. When I say hard work, it means the components, comprising of the corresponding actions, attitude and dispositions that you must posses and exhibit as an aspiring celebrity which holds the power to earn you that status.

You too can become a celebrity if you choose to. Those who become celebrities are not necessarily the best ones in their profession or career; they are just those people who explore and express the extra uniqueness in them. Truth is, we all possess that extra uniqueness but the problem is that majority of us get settled for the status quo and fail to discover and display that hidden aspect of our lives that can stand us out of the crowd.

A celebrity is also not necessarily a genius as some of us may think but is certainly a leader. You don’t have to be a genius to become a celebrity; so don’t give me that excuse, ‘ I am not a genius’

I am not talking about being a genius; I’m talking about becoming a leader and a positive influence to others through the consistent expression of the extra uniqueness in you. That certainly is what stands you out and metamorphoses you into a star. It makes you famous and gives you a claim to fame and ultimately accrues you a fortune.

I must say, the advantages and benefits of becoming famous are obviously enormous and inestimable. It’s generational and it’s International. The economic effect cuts across the individual and his or her allies through to the corporate world and down to the nation where such a celebrity domiciles or hails.

To become a celebrity is to contribute to the advancement of global socio-economic life. Therefore, I challenge you to dare to become a celebrity and a leader. It’s your best contribution to humanity. You can become a world changer from that little corner where you live and work. You can actually touch the world and make an outstanding, indelible mark.

It only requires 80% of internal push/personal actions and 20% of external motivation/exposure. That 20% motivation/exposure is what brings you to limelight and makes you a celebrity but before then you need to have the 80% internal work done.

Good managers, promotional agencies as well as quality mentors/materials all have very vital roles to play in guiding you through the process of rising to fame and fortune.

Quality mentors and materials inspire you to attain the 80% level whereas good managers and promoters provide you with the additional 20% external push.

Ironically, these 20% external pushers don’t show up until you start working and demonstrate the 80% level. That means Managers and promoters will not look for you until you have started displaying a level of the uniqueness in you.

You have to realize that someone out there is already doing what you are doing or intend to do but the differentiating factor will be your inbuilt uniqueness and quest to stand out. That exactly is what the promoters are searching for in you.

Note this, while it the duty of managers and promoters to discover you, it is your responsibility to source for quality mentors and relevant materials (training) that will help bring out that specialty in you.

In a nutshell, let me align the process of getting to fame and fortune in this order:

First – Have a desire to stand out and become a celebrity..

Secondly – Look out for mentors and materials (training) that will help bring out the uniqueness in you.

Thirdly – Expect the managers and promoters to show up and help take you to stardom.

Actually, the promoters will not have any problems working with you once they can see what they are looking for in you; and most of the time what they are looking for is that quality in you that makes you different from every other person.

For instance what a publishing house is looking for in your book or what a music promotion company is looking for in your music is nothing but something special about you and your work that is not found in others. Your major task therefore, is to discover that something special and showcase it.

It takes a lot of work though – 80% of the total process).

The process starts with your desire for greatness – that desire is fundamental. Then you need the right materials and mentors to nurture, guide and channel that desire and help you attain the 80% level that the external forces require to work upon.

Please note again, good mentors will always point you to quality materials and quality materials will always in turn lead you to discover better mentors. Likewise, good managers will point you to quality promoters and quality promoters will attract better managers. Every celebrity needs a good manager and promotion agent but let me however, warn you, as a potential celebrity – don’t ever look for a manger or promoter when you have not first gotten a handful of mentors and materials that will help you attain the 80% level of internal push and personal actions.

In the next few pages of this book (watch out for the complete book or contact me to get a copy at [email protected]), you will be taken on a ride through series of high quality and relevant pieces of information – you can call them nuggets; they are potent enough to help you get to that 80% level that is required, in your quest for fame and fortune.

These nuggets are systematically laid out in very simple and applicable format. Every celebrity you know or heard of, once worked with these principles and succeeded with them. You too need them on your journey to the top – just read, meditate and act on them and I can bet you to it, that you are on your way to stardom no matter your field of endeavour.

The sky is wide enough to contain all of us if we all decide to become stars. There is a star in you seeking expression – you can make it happen, if you believe you can!

President Barack Obama, the first African-American president of the United States did it, because he believed he could. You too can create or break a record, if you work hard at it.

Several others who are celebrated all over the world or in their own countries all did it, just because they expressed themselves in a unique way. You’ve got something unique about you – Come on! Express it. You are the ‘SPECIAL ONE’ the world is waiting for.

The next time I see you, I hope to see you at the top and I’ll gladly sign up as your number one fan! See you at the top!

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