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Jewish Singles love in Hebrew! With the to find suitable partners? We tell you how to do it.

Jewish Singles in Germany, meet? You are living not just in Berlin that is not so easy. The Numbers of Jews that live in Germany amount to about 30,000, and not a few of them are here because of a Partner .

Especially when you are by yourself or with your parents out of Israel wandered back, one finds rather difficult to get a Partner who represents the same values as you. But the Internet and everything is possible! And you can even find Jewish Israelis who are Dating .

A colorful spectacle.

On one should be taken at Jewish Singles: simply a foreign word here is apparently. The page seems cluttered and unstructured, only after a closer Look, you can see through the advertising and small fonts throughout, it is indeed a Partnerböre .

But the outdated Format and the pink-colorful presentation, which can be a first-time scared with the blink of the eye, in Spite of this, you feel quickly at home on the page. As in a housing provided sack full of knick-knacks and ornaments, in the always-forgotten Christmas lights blinking.

Jews from Israel, Germany and the world.

The Jewish community is widely scattered over the globe. Most of them live in the USA and in Israel, in Germany, the number is relatively low, even if in the last few decades, especially younger Jews increasingly are drawn, for example, to Berlin .

Whom it is so important to find a Partner that belongs to the same Faith and lives that must be active on the search. is the only meaningful Online Alternative in Germany, since here a large number of Singles are represented .

Many of the Singles are also Russia-stocky or one of the former satellite States such as Romania or Hungary. The language diversity is so enormous, but at least English or Hebrew speaking, most of the.

The nice thing is definitely, that a General cultural openness. So even Singles of other religions are welcome .

A Jewish Partner find.

In spite of all the tolerance, especially the SIngles are actually on the search for a Jewish Partner on the road. Because, who wouldn’t want that would take in Germany, no such platform.

not use the

The Profiles are well structured and easy via search. There is the conventional Dating portal functions, you can save it under “friends” or as a “Hot Profiles” (which are not in other portals often favorites). The former indicates that the Community is also designed for pure Socializing .

The registration and use of.

The registry is running Easily, you must not enable a confirmation link. After that, the simplicity stops but unfortunately .

The Profile Of Drama.

To be for all of the functions of unlocked you have to complete the profile. That Is to say: 5 sections, work through and as much as possible to tell about yourself, in addition, some of the pictures to upload.

In principle, this is an excellent idea, because swimming is to be avoided at the end of Profiles without a picture and information. It helps to be good for others to arrive and to be able to a Single to better assess .

However, we had to contend with a few problems .

1. Problem: long load time. is an outdated Website, and apparently, this includes your Server. After each update, it sits there for a while, waiting for the page has slipped back to flashing advertising and a rose-colored life partner inserted.

2. Problem: “Your profile is not yet complete”

Okay, this is Yes. You should all fill out, but somewhere you have forgotten something. However, it is reported only on where something is missing, if you press the Home Button: then Make that a the completeness of your profile will appear .

3. Problem: “Your profile is not yet complete”, part 2.

Everything is filled in, it has uploaded images. These pictures are in two galleries. Unfortunately, the pictures shows the bar still 0/10 pictures. Thus you may not use the profile still full .

After several Try, we have turned to the Support. The next day, our profile has been unlocked, what to make of it but in the end, that this was not only communicated to happened to demand of us. We suspect that it had something to do with the uploaded photos to .

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