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“oh, ramona!” – the worst netflix movie of the year

meet russian girlFelt start every day tens of new series on netflix, amazon prime video, and co. – or, however, known and beloved to disappear from the range, or the final season of our favorite series will be announced … because it’s sometimes quite difficult to lose the overview. with neon you can get now all the news of the streaming services bundled – so you’re always up-to-date. with our news ticker you will never miss again a series of hype and knows always the latest insider tips.

The streaming news of the week in the neon ticker:

14. june 2019, 16:47 pm: in just one hour and 49 minutes this new netflix creates movie so a lot of women will be versed object, homophobic undertones are struck, victim-blaming and fat-shaming are also available.

Nerd andrei screwed up with the prettiest girl in school, learns a other know, you fall in love, but then ramona wants him to, but actually, a classic teen comedy, were it not for the regressive and problematic message of the film over there: from the very first second, women are represented übersexualisiert, the camera sticks to your lips, legs and bodies. the guys in the film talk about incredibly primitive about their classmates with lines like: “do as you and the bullshit are interested in, you talk, and then f*** you”. as ramona asks andrei for help because her boyfriend has beaten her, he assumes that she has to hurt herself to get his attention … and so on and so on …

To do this, the netflix-strip shines with a confusing storyline and bad dialogue. in imdb not the barrage of 1-star reviews – and only because “zero” is possible. for illustrative purposes, some examples:

“oh, god, my eyes! oh god, my ears! this is the worst movie i’ve seen in a long, long, long, long time!” – user speedy_boy77

“the whole film is a bad joke: misogynistic jokes, cheap humour and a lot of stereo types” – user marse_angelo

“the worst movie, ‘ve seen; i for a long time, and it can be difficult to as a ‘film’. my expectations were low, but he is really terrible” – user anamariapopam

This sense of humor was, perhaps, the 1978 in the case of “popsicle” funny, but not in 2019, dear romanian netflix.

Drake produced crass hbo series “euphoria”

meet russian girl14. june 2019, 12:01 pm: blatant as the “dead girls don’t lie” should be – “euphoria”, the new hbo series starts on sunday. produced the teen drama, no less than drake and actor sam levinson. even before the start had to “euphoria” a lot of criticism plug-in: how much the teen-sex, violence and nudity, a series tolerate? in the first follow should be seen in a locker room 30 penises to, in a rape scene of a trans-girl an erected penis, and the protagonist, rue, played by zendaya, missed a overdose.

“euphoria” is the american remake of an israeli series, and the events are also to be drake’s and levinson’s experience inspired. as “hollywood reporter” is reported, actor brian bradley’s work on the rotation so uncomfortable, felt that he was replaced by algee smith. actor and producer on sam levinson said: “there will be parents who will fucking freak out again.” sometimes the scenes were so graphically, that the management board and ceo of hbo, is equal to the opening scene alleged the latch. actually, it should be shown at the beginning of the first episode of a birth, with the camera between the legs of the woman – but this is a start-up in “euphoria” preventing hbo. the scene was re-shot, as levinson reported to the “hollywood reporter”.

The story deals with the life of a group of teenagers, the first experience with drugs and sexuality, but also the trauma process. from the age of 16. in june, the hbo series on skyatlantic available.

Movie about japanese porn-legend comes to netflix

meet russian girl13. june 2019, at 17:14: toru muranishi in japan is notorious as the man who revolutionized in the 1980s, the porn industry. netflix continues the controversial director with a film is a monument: “the naked director” comes from the 8. august and shows the “emperor of porn” in your underwear, with the camera on the arm. for more interesting sights and views in the trailer:

13. june 2019, 12:04 p.m.: “stranger things” is one of the best seller of netflix: 2020 is to a mobile phone game in the series to appear, which is what netflix with the swedish game producer next games has done.

Similar to “pokemon go” is to be integrated with “google maps” in the game, and the user can explore the parallel world of “upside down”. “no matter where in the world you may be, you can make the upside-down, even in your own garden,” said chris lee, the netflix for interactive games in charge. the new game is in the “saturday morning cartoon”-style to the 80s appear. at the start of the new season at the 4. july is also supposed to come with a nike collaboration, in stores and also over a fortnite crossover to this day, is rumored to be.


Second season of “matryoshka” is to come

meet russian girl12. june 2019, 16:51 pm: the netflix series “matryoshka” (in original “russian doll”) is a bit like the modern form of the classic movie “and groundhog day”. anyone who has seen the eight episodes of the first season already, probably thought that the story is what counts. puff cake! at the code conference in scottsdale, arizona natasha lyonne, who plays the main role and the series has developed, and cindy holland, vice president of netflix’s own productions, have announced that there will be a second season with eight episodes.

“do you feel like a second season,” asked holland lyonne on tuesday on the stage. “i, cindy? the same series, only even more absurd? you’re sure?” lyonne answered. “nadia vulvokov is a coderin, as you know. so i think it would be kind of appropriate to say here and now, yes. very even. it would be my pleasure, cindy.” we are excited to see how it goes. a start date yet.

“love, death and robots” is coming back

meet russian girl11. june 2019, at 17:32: , with an average of “love, death and robots” announces netflix that there will be a second season of the unusual series. instead of a cohesive story in each episode is a whole new story, similar to “black mirror”. the only recurring element in each episode – as the title suggests,  are a robot.

When the new season appears, is not yet known.

You should why look at her “when they see us”

meet russian girl11. june 2019, at 16:48: is the justice scandal of the america until today followed. “when they see us” told the true case of the central park five: five innocent teenagers were convicted 30 years ago for the rape of a jogger. the netflix series is an ominous lesson on the dynamics of racial injustice and the mixture is stirred to tears. the all the articles you read here.

Kiefer sutherland announces the third season of “designated survivor” to

meet russian girl11. june 2019, 15:04 watch: attention, this is the president of the united states of america: kiefer sutherland, aka tom kirkman has an important message to all the fans of “designated survivor”. in a facebook video, the actor is once again the first two seasons of the netflix series review. reminder: after the capitol is blown up in an address to the nation in the air, and the president, his cabinet and all of the senators and deputies are killed, tom kirkman as a “designated survivor” for president of the united states.

We have an important message of the u.s. president. designated survivor season 3 now on netflix.

Posted by Netflix on Monday, 10. June 2019

For whom it’s not ringing now, you can watch the video just once. however, it is not only a service for forgetful fans, but the announcement that season three is now available on the streaming service available.

The end of marvel on netflix, starting with the last season of “jessica jones”

meet russian girl8. june 2019, 16:15 p.m.: “every story has a beginning, a middle and an end”, we hear in the new trailer for the third season of “jessica jones”. thus, not only the history of the anti-heroine, played by krysten ritter, the small marvel series universe on netflix  does not end;there will no longer be so. all of the other marvel series, such as, for example, “daredevil”, “iron fist” and “luke cage”, have already been set. the background netflix keeps himself covered: according to rumors, should have to do something with the upcoming streaming service from disney that comes in november in the us at the start.

In the last series, the marvel heroine goes with her best friend on the hunt for the serial killer gregory salinger. after your fight at the end of season 2, they are forced to be so back to work. as far as we can tell by the trailer already: it won’t be easy for jessica.from the 14. june, you can see the complete series on netflix.

Come to the other side: “stranger things” is available now to play

meet russian girlOn 4. july appears to be the third season of the netflix hit series “stranger things”. the are still one and a half months – for series-junkies it felt like an eternity. those who want to sweeten the waiting time a bit, the set soon with a lego. because “the other side” aka “the upside down” it is now also available in stone format. screaming!

As a backdrop the house of the byers serves – even in the real version, and once in the alternate dark dimension. will’s bedroom, the living room with the alphabet-light chain (you can even light up!), the dining room and the attic of the family are playable. in addition, the police truck from the chief jim hopper with detachable roof mini figures of eleven, mike wheeler, lucas sinclair, dustin henderson, will byers, joyce byers, chief hopper and the demogorgon.

Annoying questions from family for the first date? this comedian knows how to help

meet russian girlIf you can avoid it, not told his family of any date, as to the probing questions, none of lust: “how do you know each other?”, “how old is he?” “what does he do for a living?”. just stupid, if the date during a family holiday takes place and you need a good excuse, because it is so, or so everyone noticed. the mary beth in the absence of the barons, and she had a brilliant idea.

At a wedding, you know the brother of a friend who lives in miami. the chemistry seems to agree and they agree on a date. barone had anyway planned a holiday with the whole family (about 30 family members) in florida, why not a night, stealing away? in such a case, there are different approaches:

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