Test 2019 Only Fakes or real Dates

AfroIntroductions.com in the Test of September 2019.

Afro introductions is a Dating portal for people from Africa or with an African Backround and such, looking for just such a Partner. It is in many countries (also in Germany) available.

Afro introductions advertises for more than two and a half million users. The registration is free, but you need a paid Gold or platinum Account, the page is useful and make full use of it. The platform is part of the Australian Cupid Media Pty Ltd, which operates many further intercultural Dating portals. In total, there are 35 so-called niche portals, which are found under the umbrella of Cupid Media. To specific Dating sites include, in addition to culture – which, however, are clearly in the majority, even portals for single parents, Gay portals, or special page for Christians or Muslims. In addition, offers for chubby people or even the military angehörge in the Palette are included.

Test 2019 Only Fakes or real Dates extensions will not

In addition to Africa introductions, there are also Blackdating that specifically only to dark-skinned Singles is.

Many users of Afro introductions come from Africa, the USA or the Caribbean.

Test 2019 Only Fakes or real Dates extensions will not

Most of them are looking for a solid partnership or marriage and want to know in a different country .

In Germany are logged in to Afro-introductions regional differences, a lot of people. In a large city, the range is much greater than in rural regions. However, in the local sample, the “surplus of men looking for” significantly. Thus, more than 1000, mostly white men between 40 and 60 years of age are in Cologne, with the photo signed. These tend to be in search of younger women. Conversely, only approximately 200 women with photo in Cologne on the search. Here the user is the structure of colorful – both in regard to age. Women are also more likely looking for a To in a the own of a similar age. Users without a profile image, there is significantly more – almost 700.

The Registration.

The registration is simple: enter Name, E-Mail, date of birth and gender and you’re ready to go .

In the first step, you load a profile photo. Afro introductions offers a very precise people and personality description. Of physical characteristics such as hair skin and eye color, about character traits and Hobbies and interests to the content everything can be specified .

It is accessed via the menu item “complete your profile” to more and more detailed questions. Once interests, including sports, can be clicked on. Later, questions such as “What is your favorite food?” with a free Text answered. In part, there is thus duplication.

Also, there is the possibility to verify the profile. This is not a Must, but it provides additional security. The verification is with the help of passport, driving licence, student ID card and ID card.


It all profile visitors to be displayed. So you can see who you have already noticed. Also, there is the possibility to Express his interest in a Person by clicking on the heart in the profile for the other Singles. You can contact the user, even if you lack the right words to write a personal message. In addition, Profiles can be saved as favorites .

So far, So good: Once logged in, one gets directly a lot of Likes and messages. If you want to read these messages, however, you have to upgrade to one of the Premium packages. Unless the Opposite has the appropriate package, with the standard you can contact the user. Upgrade costs for a month of just under 30 Euro in the Gold and around 35 euros in the platinum variant. In the 12-month subscription, there are less than 10 or 12 Euro.

Profile information.

detailed personal information of the points that are personally important, can be selected for Matching and can be seen next to the profile photo. Anyone who switches over a platinum profile, can increase his profile even more. Information such as age, gender, who I am looking for appear as well as on other Dating sites is common at the top of the profile. the profile can be supplemented .

There is the possibility to have the profile verified. This provides additional safety. With the help of passport, driving licence, student card or identity card. This function is hardly used. In our Test, no evidence of fake profiles, we noticed. But since hardly Profiles are verified, can Fakes are not excluded. Test 2019 Only Fakes or real Dates their own experiences of the
The Profiles are directly compared with the suitable ideas. If you look at a user finds out immediately whether his or her interests and qualities are compatible with one’s own. Women can also specify Cup size, breast and Taliennumfang. For the men, it’s not so detailed .

Very outdated Design.

In the profile, there is the so-called quick view. Here you can specify all the points in his description of the most important. In the profile these are then visible to the right of the photo. Here are automatically displayed in the Matches between you and the person you look at just .

Personality test there is not in the Standard variant. What Service exactly is the premium extensions will not be betrayed. Among other things, there is a Link to safety tips for the first Date. Just people who are new in the world of online Dating will find here valuable information, to start with a good feeling in the first Rendezvous .

The Dating Process.

Who wants People of Color data, come to this page quickly to the conversation. There is a lot going on. It appears at the top of the page, how many people are online. While you may have with your life partner, the users that were last active. Usually around 2,500 Singles are in the cut online.

Possible search functions man man seeking, woman seeks woman, man seeks woman, woman seeks man. Also the age can be specified in the search function (18-99). In addition, “can be”, regardless of gender wanted. A radius search on your own location is also possible.

There’s already a lot of correspondence before that profile is completed, you should check exactly what is exactly the interest of the counterpart. Most of these letters come from people from outside of Europe. In practice, a non-binding Meeting for a Cup of coffee difficult.

Costs and prices.

Duration / Credits / Coins cost per month total Gold / month / month / month platinum / month / month / month.

News create profile upload photos Profiles write search watch try it free Now.

Read the news Live Chat to Communicate with all members of Anonymous Profiles visit profile over other listed Double profile view profile highlights Exclusive search Advanced matchmaking messages in your own language does not translate the advertising.

Credit Card, PayPal, GiroPay, Paysafecard, Instant Bank Transfer.

Compared with Dating services the costs are reasonable. They are higher than in many well-known Dating portals, but are also significantly below what the request part of mediation portals. The gold membership makes it easier to communicate with others. Here you have the possibility to all users to send messages and to read messages from all users. In addition, the chat function is enabled, and the often annoying ads. In the platinum membership, the profile is highlighted. In the search will be displayed in front of the other, and the profile is twice as detailed as in the Standard, or the gold variant. So there is the possibility to present even more detailed. There is an advanced matchmaking, an exclusive search feature, messages will be translated into the own language .

Anyone who is in search of a Partner with African cultural Backround and intercultural relationship desires, the will to Afro-introductions may be found. A spontaneous Date is not expected to be a little complicated, since most of the users live in Germany. The Test showed that 95 percent of the messages of the members were outside of Europe. Most of them, however, have indicated that they would be pulling for love in another country. Some are looking for very targeted potential partners from Germany. Many of the members to be academics .

For more accurate searches to the Portal is, however, clear that this is more apparent than real. It searches for the experiences of other Afro introductions, the many negative contributions to the Portal. In some Online forums will even warn explicitly against Afro introductions. These warnings are underpinned by their own experiences of the critics. So, allegedly, of primarily European) users of to build (first of all, a bond to an Online Date. As soon as this bond is, under a pretext, for example, because of illness or other distress, and sometimes also bluntly and directly asked for money. Some even say that many of the Profiles are Fake, or from a third party are not enforced, and only for the purpose of “money recovery” have been created. Another accusation from the male direction is that the previously “obedient” woman is changing, and not as friendly as it was before. We find such comments can already look deep.

The numerous letters within seconds or minutes after logging in (even without a photo, and entries in the profile) have made it regardless of all the negative posts on us is not exactly a serious impression .

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